Offseason Review: Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers came into the offseason still reeling from a devastating loss to Houston in the playoffs. They had gone up 3-1 in the series and needed one more win to advance. However, Houston staged a comeback for the ages and the Clippers entered the offseason with several key objectives. They needed to resign their center, DeAndre Jordan, find another quality bench player, and add another offensive weapon to their starting lineup.

What They Did:

Dallas made a hard push to lure DeAndre Jordan away from the Clippers. They had a verbal agreement with him, but the Clippers management persuaded him to back out of it and resign with them. While this was not exactly an improvement to the team, the Clippers did save themselves a lot of trouble for next season by resigning him.

The Clippers also signed veteran scorer and small forward Paul Pierce. While Pierce is getting older, he does play well in short spurts and he still performs well in big time situations. He can definitely provide them with 10 points per game, which will give them a much needed boost in offensive production. They also signed Josh Smith (power forward) to give them added depth from their bench.

What They Did Not Do:  

The Clippers did not have a first round draft pick this year. Consequently, they missed out on a very rich draft. How this impacts them in the future remains to be seen, but they did fail to obtain several of the young collegiate talents who would have provided their team with a significant boost. They also failed to add another significant offensive weapon to their starting lineup. Failing to fulfill either of these critical needs may have an effect on their chances to effectively compete and win a title next year.

What to Expect Next Year:

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The Clippers have a star-studded lineup that is anchored by Chris Paul (point guard), Blake Griffin (power forward), and DeAndre Jordan (center). They have a good bench that is led by Jamal Crawford, Lance Stephenson, and Josh Smith. It should be able to provide them with solid defense and decent offensive production. Consequently, it is reasonable to expect, barring injury, that the Clippers will repeat their regular season success from last year and their playoff chances should be good as well despite their heart breaking exit last year.


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