Offseason Review: Miami Heat

Breaking Down Miami’s Draft Selections
The Miami Heat found themselves in a bit of a different situation during the 2014-2015 NBA season. After LeBron James bolted back to Cleveland, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were left to lead a team that had potential. And after the 2015 NBA draft, the Heat have added loads of potential to their current roster.

It is not a stretch to say that Miami may have led the way in terms of having the best draft of anyone. Picking at No. 10 is always an interesting spot since many of the top talents are already off the board. But that didn’t bother the Heat, as they landed a big time prospect in Duke’s Justise Winslow.

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Had Miami selected anyone else with that pick, it could have very well found itself at the bottom of the league when it came to grading the draft. However, the Heat clearly understand the value of Winslow in that spot, as he could have easily been a top five pick given all of the skills that he brings to the table.

Winslow simply knows how to finish at the rim, and he’s an exceptional talent on both offense and defense. His athleticism will allow him to be on the floor right away, and that’s something that will give Miami an incredible boost towards becoming an Eastern Conference contender once again.

But the Heat’s night didn’t stop there. Miami added another player with enormous potential at No. 40 in Tennessee’s Josh Richardson. Like Winslow, Richardson adds a lot of defensive skills and brings a high motor to the court.

Considering where these selections were in the draft, Miami landed two players that have a skill set that exceeds their placement on the draft board. That’s always a good sign for an NBA franchise.

Looking Into Miami’s Future

To be honest, the Heat’s future is looking rather bright after having a wildly successful draft. There are unknowns when it comes to Dwyane Wade’s future, but everyone knows that it’s time for Miami to start rebuilding its roster.

Will Winslow be the next Wade? Probably not. But Winslow will have all the ability in the world to be Miami’s future star. He proved his worth in Duke’s run to a national championship, as he was a huge piece of the puzzle there. He was made for the big stage, and he’s no doubt ready to get on the floor and work his way into the starting lineup right away.

And again, don’t overlook Richardson just because he was a second round pick. He’s the type of player that will do the work necessary to succeed in the NBA, and that’s exactly what Miami needs at this point in time.

The future is in good hands with these two super draft choices leading the way.


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