Offseason Review: Washington Redskins

Coming off a disappointing 4-12 season the Washington Redskins had a lot of work to do this offseason. It all started with the NFL draft where they had the number 5 overall pick. Along with that pick, the Redskins did a good job of compiling draft picks and had 10 overall which will help add talent in many areas of the roster. With the fifth pick they selected offensive guard Brandon Scherff.

Scherff was a safe pick at that position and he will be an immediate contributor to the offense. With this selection the Redskins showed that their number one priority is keeping Robert Griffin III protected and hopefully healthy. Their offensive line had some issues up front so this was a solid selection. In the second round the Redskins selected defensive end Preston Smith out of Mississippi State. He will also be an impactful player immediately and the Redskins hope he can help them with his pass rushing skills.

They desperately need someone to fill the role Brian Orakpo had and Smith should fit into their 3-4 defensive scheme. Along with Scherff their third and fourth picks were also used to help quarterback RG3. They selected running back Matt Jones who will back up Alfred Morris and wide receiver Jamison Crowder to give Griffin a few more weapons.

Outside of the draft the biggest move the Redskins made was trading for safety Dashon Goldson. Safety was a major position of need and at age 30 Goldson should have a few good years ahead of him. They could use more help on the defensive end but have not been able to make any other major moves thus far. The Redskins have not been able to make the big splash that would help put them back into playoff contention but through the draft they have made their team better.

Their biggest problem is keeping Robert Griffin healthy and seeing if he can become a quality starter in the NFL. With him healthy they have the potential to fight for a playoff spot and drafting Brandon Scherff should help the weakest part of the team which was the offensive line. The Redskins did a solid job drafting positions of need but they did not necessarily acquire the best talents for these positions. They would earn a “B” grade overall for compiling so many draft picks which will help fill the many holes their roster had.

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This will be a big season for Robert Griffin and the Redskins organization. The preseason starts August 13th with a game against the Cleveland Browns. Following that game the Redskins will play the Lions, Ravens, and Jaguars to prepare for the upcoming 2015-2016 season.


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