Order Tickets In Slack With The New Rukkus Slack App

Rukkus Slack

If you’re communications superuser, chances are you use Slack to communicate with your team. And if you’re a savvy fan, chances are you use Rukkus to find your tickets. And if you’re both, chances are you’d like a way to order concert, sports, or theater tickets right from Slack. Now you can. Just install the new Rukkus Slack app and start finding events near you inside Slack.

How it Works:
1. Click ‘Add to Slack’ to add the Rukkus app to your Slack. After installation is successful, you’ll be brought right back to the same page.

2. Anywhere in the app, use the /rukkus command to search for the artist of your choice. Searching by location only? Just add your city.

3. Click and check out on Rukkus.com.

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So go ahead and get started. Add the Rukkus app to your Slack today.

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