Parquet Courts are ‘Stoned and Starving’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

parquet courts
Parquet Courts have grown tremendously over the past year by sheer word-of-mouth and blog posts. The slacker-friendly punk band recall everything that was good about the early ’90s music movement, of course, with a modern twist. It appears the year-end list accolades that the band received for Light Up Gold have really pushed Parquet Courts over the edge, as they played national television on Fallon yesterday night.

Parquet Courts Play ‘Jimmy Fallon’

It’s always a great story when an independent band self-releases an album and achieves mainstream success; Parquet Courts are the latest example of the power of internet buzz. Catch them live (they’re touring / playing Brooklyn next week), and watch the awesome performance below.

“Stoned and Starving” –

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