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The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to improve on a 10-6 season that resulted without a playoff berth. They come into this season running the same system under Chip Kelly, but their roster is vastly different. With major changes at key positions it could take some time for the Eagles offense to get into a flow this year. Unfortunately for them, the 2015 season schedule does not start off very forgiving. The Eagles kick off the 2015-2016 on the road in Atlanta. The Falcons did have a down year last year but their offense is very good at home and Philadelphia will have to be ready to put up some points. In week two the Eagles already have their first showdown with division rival Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys played a major role in keeping Philadelphia out the playoffs a year ago and they are poised to have another big year. One advantage Philadelphia does have is that they stole away running back Demarco Murray. Even without Murray, Dallas has one of the best offensive lines in the game and will look to run the ball down the throats of a relatively soft Eagles defense. They must stop the run in order to defeat their division rivals. Following the date with the Cowboys, the Eagles face two road games against the Jets and Redskins. This might be their best opportunity for back to back wins all season although it will not be easy.

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The Jets have revamped their defense and will be stout on that side of the ball. In general, the Eagles have a very tough schedule. To go along with their always tough division games, they only have one potentially easy victory in their non-divisional games. Other than week 11 against Tampa Bay, the Eagles face the likes of Arizona, New England, Miami, Detroit, and Carolina. Their best bet to get back into the playoffs will be taking care of their divisional games. Weeks 16 and 17 against the Redskins and the Giants could be their chance for a late season push. Other than the Dallas Cowboys, both the Redskins and the Giants have plenty of question marks in the division. If Philadelphia can take care of these teams and at least split with Dallas, they will have a shot at winning the division. Dallas, Washington, and New York all have question marks on the defensive side of the ball, so Chip Kelly’s fast paced offense will have a chance to work. Hopefully for the Eagles, Sam Bradford can stay healthy and Demarco Murray will produce the way he did last year. At 10-6 they were second in the division last year and will have a shot to jump to first this season. They do have many new players so their success remains to be seen.  
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