Rukkus Presents: 4 Questions With Pol the Fisherman

Have you heard the one about the French guy who walks into a bar with an Aussie, an Italian and an American? That may sound like the set-up to some kind of joke, but that actually is the makeup of quirky funk-rock quartet Pol the Fisherman. The band has made its mark on NYC over the past couple years by making experimental funk-rock that borrows from jazz, punk-rock, psychedelic rock, and much more. The odd time signatures and funky guitar grooves have given Pol the Fisherman an unmistakably unique sound.

Pol the Fisherman will be part of the first “Rukkus Presents” concert this Saturday, March 22, at Cameo Gallery. We had a chance to chat with the band ahead of the show. Hit the jump to learn a little more about Pol the Fisherman.

Get Familiar With Pol the Fisherman

1. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

PTF: Urban style guitars fused with funky grooves, high-energy hard rock and an homage to old-school punk combust together to take listeners on a sonic roller-coaster. Smart double-entendre lyrics and vocals that croon and swoon.

2. Four adjectives that describe your live show:

PTF: Explosive. Charged. Elemental. Rambunctious.

3. If you could tour with any band right now, who would it be? Why?

PTF: Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails, because their live shows blow you away every time! I’m sure they could teach us a lot and their music has influenced our songwriting and guitar tones in a lot of ways.

4. Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

PTF: This one is hard! Pol the Fisherman consists of four very different people from different corners of the world all with extremely different musical tastes:

  • Andrew’s iPod is always on shuffle, so you never know what he’s listening to.
  • Andrea is blasting Biggie on his iPhone.
  • Nico is probably sashaying to some African jazz samba jam in 7/8, 5/6, 12/5… whatever time measures.
  • And Bill doesn’t have an iPod or a computer or internet or Walkman or MP3 player so no one knows what’s playing on his boom box.


Join us and see Pol the Fisherman live this Saturday! Click the link for more information on the show at Cameo Gallery.

Discounted tickets are available through the Rukkus app for only $8!

Article by Jason Schellhardt

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