Pro Sport Stadium Review: Edward Jones Dome

The Edward Jones Dome is home to the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, but many wonder for how much longer. The stadium has been plagued with numerous issues that have caused fans to rate it as the worst in the NFL, and a research organization to rate it as the 7th worst sports stadium overall in the country. That being said, once the game starts, the fans are transfixed at watching the game in front of them. The problem is that St. Louis fans everywhere are wondering what will happen to their team if certain issues regarding the future stadium home of the team are not resolved quickly.

Given the comments just made, one would think that the Dome is the oldest sports stadium of its kind in the country. That would be young assumption, as the Edward Jones Dome is relatively young at 20 years of age, having been completed in 1995. It was built specifically to bring a team to St. Louis, after having lost the Cardinals to Arizona. Now it appears that the city is right back at the same point that it was when Bill followed through on his threats to relocate in the absence of a new stadium deal.

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Edward Jones Dome was built utilizing a multiple stadium configuration that can seat upward of 70,000 spectators and fans.  The facility includes a private luxury suite level with a total of 120 suites, a private club seat section and another luxury suite level with a total of 6,400 club seats. The lower concourse of the dome, in addition to the terrace level in the upper level rounds out the seating options.

The dome itself is a part of the America’s Center Convention Center. The convention area of the venue actually is a much bigger facility than the stadium, and it adjoins the stadium to the west. The venue is accessible to fans via Interstate 70 form the east, and Interstate 55 from the south.  Individuals coming to the Dome can also arrive by the Convention Center Metrolink Rail Station.

Basically, at 20 years of age, the Dome is simply among the oldest in the NFL and it shows. It is in an area of the city that is run down and not kept up very well. Fans report that the spectator experience is very poor, and many have no desire to continue attending events or games at this facility. Food and beverages prices are among the highest in the NFL, and the service is rated among the poorest in the NFL. The lines are often long, and this creates severe congestion throughout the concourses. The concourses themselves are way too narrow to accommodate nearly 70,000 fans and the bottleneck can be frustrating even on a good day.

As can be expected, the atmosphere is rated the worst in the league, or for any sport for that matter. It has been equated with being in a mortuary, as the environment is often somber and quiet. Granted, the team has not been good for quite some time, but they have had their moments, yet the fans have just found it difficult to get motivated in such a venue, and with such uncertainty surrounding the team.  There is not much incentive to travel to this dome unless your team is playing. Just do not experience a spectacular experience, but if you remember that you are there to watch a game, you should be just fine.

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