Pro Sports Stadium Review: Angel Stadium

There are two great entertainment opportunities available to the residents of Anaheim, a Los Angeles suburb. One is Disneyland. It promises good, clean fun for people of all ages. The other is Angel Stadium of Anaheim. It offers the same good time for youngsters and their seniors.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim originally opened in 1966. At that time, it existed as a stadium for baseball and football. The park, which once seated 43,250 people, was home to the Angels and the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League.

Their co-tenancy began in 1981 when renovations to the ballpark increased seating capacity (for football games) to 65,158. Seating capacity for the Angels also increased, enabling more than 60,000 people to attend baseball games.

The Rams abandoned Los Angeles and Angel Stadium of Anaheim in 1995 when they relocated their franchise in St .Louis, Missouri. Shortly after they left, actually in 1997, the Angels decided to renovate their ballpark, the fourth oldest in all of Major League baseball.

When the renovations were completed, the Angels gave their stadium a new name. They called it Edison International Field of Anaheim. That name remained until 2003 when the Los Angeles club decided on another name change. They called their park Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the name that exists right up to the present.

The renovated park has the look and feel of a much newer stadium. There is a strikingly handsome rock formation in the stands behind left and centerfield.  There are mountains off in the distance outside the ballpark. And there is lush green natural grass on the field. It all adds up to visual splendor, a kind of feast for the eyes.

Of course, there is much more about Angel Stadium of Anaheim that makes it special. For instance, the ballpark currently seats 45,050 people. There are terraced bullpens, for both teams, in the outfield. That enables fans to observe the relief pitchers as they warm up before entering the game.

There is much more for fans to like, as well. The concourses have been widened to make it easier for fans to enter and leave the park or to get to food stands and snack bars. The press corps has a more comfortable and spacious press box in which to watch and report on the game.

There are family-oriented seating sections, perfect for parents with young children. And t here are state-of-the-art club level and dugout level suites for corporations and fans who want something more than an ordinary seat.

There is even an area called The Pepsi Perfect Game Pavilion. It is an interactive game that is extremely popular with young fans.

And, if all that were not enough, visitors to the ballpark get to see statues of the  team’s late owner, Gene Autry, the singing cowboy of old whose love of baseball and the Angels is evident everywhere in Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

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