Pro Sports Stadium Review: Comerica Park

When Comerica Park opened in 2000, many baseball fans were sad to see old Tigers Stadium replaced. Tiger Stadium was a lot like Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, a baseball park that had about a century’s worth of history and sometimes that is hard to part with.

But Tiger Stadium was a dump. The players hated it. The fans were not that crazy about it either except that it was their home ballpark. But when Comerica Park replaced it, the fans were very much glad to be rid of Tiger Stadium.

Comerica Park was a pitcher’s paradise when it first opened which was the exact opposite of the bandbox Tiger Stadium was. It took a pretty good shot to hit a home run, but triples were definitely a possibility as there was a lot of ground to cover for outfielders, But since the Tigers have acquired some great hitters such as Miguel Cabrera they have moved the fences in a bit to make it more hitter friendly.

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Comerica has a lot of the newer ballpark flair such as the huge tiger statue and kid’s rides as you enter the park behind home plate. They have some great statues around the concourse of Tiger greats Ty Cobb, Al Kaline and Hank Greenberg that make a great photo op.

Comerica Park has had its share of big games over the years as the Tigers played in the World Series in 2006 and also 2012. They of course won the ALCS in both of those seasons as well as ALDS series. They have also brought the playoffs to Comerica Park in 2013 when they advanced to the ALCS and in 2011 when they made it the ALCS. Do not be surprised to see the Tigers back in contention in 2016.

The seats are really close to the field, especially in the outfield where the fans are right up against the fences in right and center. There is a bit of foul room along the first and third base sides but the seats jut in taking away almost all foul territory in the outfield.

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The huge video scoreboard out in left field is one of the coolest in the game. It has a big video board with all the stats, lineups and line score but it also has two lifelike tiger statues on top that makes it look like they are on the prowl. The view out over right field has some really tall skyscrapers in the background and in left field there is Ford Field out past the bleachers. That is the home of the Detroit Lions. That has to be one of the best skyline views in baseball.

The food and beverages served at Comerica include everything from barbecue to Mexican food to specialty hot dogs and strawberry shortcake for dessert. They have this in a food court setting but they also have concession stands with the regular ballpark fare all about the stadium where fans can get a dog and a Pepsi or some peanuts, popcorn, etc. Also, since the team is owned by Little Caesars Pizza chain owner Mike Ilitch, there is plenty of pizza stands all around. You can get a slice for around $3.00 or a whole pie for $15.00. That’s not too bad for stadium pricing.

The fans are really into their team. This year did not go as planned but the Tigers have been really good for the last decade or so and the fans have responded. A Tigers game normally draws very well with people there to see some of the game’s biggest stars such as Cabrera, Justin Verlander, J. D. Martinez and up until the traded deadline David Price and Yoenis Cespedes.

Thus year’s Motor City Kitties will not bring another postseason to Comerica Park, so if you want to catch a game there this season, get there soon.  The day games are probably the ones you want to catch if you can so you can appreciate the gorgeous view. Maybe you will get to see Cabrera back in the lineup which is worth the price of admission.

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