Pro Sports Stadium Review: Detroit Events Center

The Detroit Red Wings, one of the “original six” founding members of the National Hockey League (NHL) are a team with a long, proud history and a new home “in the works” that won’t be available until 2017.
That is two years from now and construction on the new arena, which is expected to cost four hundred fifty million dollars, is currently moving along on schedule.
When completed, a new, permanent name will replace the “working” name of Detroit Events Center. It will also replace the Red Wings long time home, Joe Louis Arena.
The new arena will have seating room for twenty thousand people and will feature a unique glass-roofed concourse that will connect it to offices and shops that will surround it.

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The arena will also anchor a six hundred fifty million dollar 650,000 square foot sports and entertainment complex that is likely to become the hub of downtown Detroit. The developers hope that this modern and attractive complex will become the epicenter of a revitalized Detroit.
The Inner Harbor gave new life to the city of Baltimore. Hopefully, this sports and entertainment complex will have the same short-term-and-long-term effect on the Motor City.
As for the arena and the building that will house it, team management (the owner of the new arena) hopes that it will become something akin to “ground zero” for all levels of hockey.
The Detroit Red Wings senior management hopes to use its arena, when completed, to host important college and junior level hockey events, such as the IHF World Junior Championship and the World Cup. And because virtually all hockey arenas can be converted into basketball courts, the as yet unnamed arena is already targeting the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (also known as “March Madness”) as events that would help fill the schedule and attract fans.
Detroit is a city in distress, an urban environment that has seen better times. This costly project by the owners of the Detroit Red Wings, when finally completed, can and very likely will go a long, long way toward breathing new life – and hope – into an area that sorely needs it.
Of course, the sports and entertainment complex will also give players on the Detroit Red Wings the opportunity to play home games in a state-of-the-art, twenty-first century venue that will certainly have many amenities that both the players and the fans that pay to see them will enjoy.
New restaurants and snack bars, seating with great site lines, a spacious concourse and a clean and safe environment are things that will make this venue a success.
The fact that the Detroit Red Wings are one of the better teams in the National Hockey League will help to make the fan experience even better.
The future looks bright for the Motor City.
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