Pro Sports Stadium Review: Georgia Dome

The Georgia Dome is a domed stadium in Atlanta that is the home stadium of the Atlanta Falcons. It opened in 1992 after the Falcons moved out of Fulton County Stadium, which they shared with the Atlanta Braves.

Like the Braves, the Falcons will be moving to a new stadium for the 2017 season. So if you want to see a game at the Georgia Dome, you had better hurry.

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The Georgia Dome is not only the Falcons home, but has been the host of many college-sporting events over the years. The annual Chick-Fil-A Bowl has always provided fans with one of the most exciting bowl games of the year. That bowl was so successful it is now included in the “New Year’s Six” which means every third season it will be a semifinal game in the College Football Playoffs.

The Georgia Dome has hosted all but the first two SEC Championship Games, which many times served as a de facto semifinal on College Football. Some of college football’s greatest games have been played in the Georgia Dome such as the 2008 SEC Championship Game between Florida and Alabama (Florida went on to win the National Championship), the Alabama vs Georgia Game in 2014 (Alabama went on to win the National Championship) and the 2001 LSU vs Tennessee game.

For the last several seasons, college football has kicked off their season with a double-header at the Georgia Dome. These games normally pit teams from the SEC against a big name opponent from outside the SEC. Some of these games include Tennessee vs NC State, Alabama vs Virginia Tech and Ole Miss vs Boise State.

The Georgia Dome has also been the home to some huge college basketball games such as the 2007 Final Four won by the Florida gators over Ohio State and many SEC Tournaments.

But the main purpose for the Dome is the Falcons. Atlanta has had some very big games there. They include the NFC Championship Game three seasons ago when they lost to the San Francisco 49ers in a game that went down to the last play.

A Falcons game experience may be a bit outdated since the seats and video boards are all over 20 years old. But the fans are into the game and they love their falcons, especially if they are winning.

The Georgia Dome is in the downtown area so access is fairly easy. But, since the new stadium is being built next door, parking can be problematic so if you are going to a game there, leave early.

When at the Georgia Dome, go to the Williams Brothers Barbecue stand and get a barbecue sandwich for $9.00. This is a sandwich worth the money. If barbecue is not your thing then perhaps the Taco Mac is for you. Mexican food and a great selection of beers make this a popular spot to get your food.

If you can get there early check out Falcons Landing and bring the kids. Many times the players sign autographs there and it has a lot of places for the kids to play games and win prizes.

Georgia is part of what might be the most football crazy fans anywhere in the country. Football season in the southeast is something that all sports fans should experience. The Georgia Dome would be a great place to start.

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