Pro Sports Stadium Review: Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field opened in 2003, replacing old Veteran’s Stadium, which was by all accounts only fit for the rats, and mice that called it home. Seating capacity is 67,000+ and is located well away form the city, which is nice for tailgating and parking.
It is not one of the cozy looking brick façade stadiums many franchises have now. It is steel and galls and with the turbines spinning on top, looks a bit menacing. This fits the Eagles and the fan base that is considered one of the toughest in sports.
As one might expect, Lincoln Financial Field is a great place if you are a “foodie”. Of course you can get a Philly Cheesesteak. You can also get roast pork sandwiches, Baja Melt, Grilled Mac-n-Cheese, pizza, sweet potato fries (that sounds delicious doesn’t it?) and of course burgers and dogs. You can get both popular beers and craft beers and also soda prices there are pretty reasonable by stadium standards.
The atmosphere is electric as Philly fans are arguably the most intense in sports. This is not a place where you show up wearing the gear of the opposing team, even if your son is playing for them, which Clinton Portis’ mother learned the hard way during a Redskins Eagles title a few years back. Since it is not in an urban area, the fans have created their own “neighborhood” in the massive parking lots.

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The fans are a blue-collar group for the most part and can get very rowdy. They are perhaps best known for booing Santa Claus at an Eagles game in the 1970s. If the team gets behind they can be very blunt and surly. But they are really not that much different than a New York Jets crowd or a Washington Redskins crowd or a Buffalo Bills crowd when you really think about it. East coast fans are fiercely passionate about their teams and Philly is no different.
The seats in Lincoln Financial Field are the chairs with armrests like in all new stadiums and they are close to the field in the lower levels. The upper levels are very steep which means you get a great view of the field even if you might be pretty far up.
The entrance plaza entering the stadium is a fun place before the game where you can see a live band performing and check out the many food trucks. Celek’s Food truck is known for its fish tacos and turkey burgers. It is a party atmosphere there in the pre game.
The team has been performing well in recent seasons since Chip Kelly has taken over as coach. But this is still a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl game. They are 0-2 in the Big Game and the last championship the team won was in 1960. So these people have that “us against the world” thing going on so if you are a visiting fan, it is best to not wear the jersey of your team. If you choose to do it, be ready to get harassed.
If you go wearing Eagles gear though you will have a great time. Lincoln Financial Field is one of the top rated venues in magazines and web sited dedicated to reviewing stadiums and parks. If the fans would chill out a bit it might be the best in the NFL or at least one of the top five. But waiting for that to happen will be one of those “hell freezes over” moments.
This season will be very interesting to see what will happen if Tim Tebow ever becomes the starting quarterback. He has a cult-like following among Christian fans that love his “good boy” image. This would seem to fly in the face of the Eagles crowd. But he does display an Eagles fan-like intensity while in the game and on the sidelines that these fans might embrace. That alone will be a good reason to pay attention to what is happening at Lincoln Financial Field this season. How many Tebow jerseys will we see in the stands if he makes the team?
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