Pro Sports Stadium Review: Lucas Oil Stadium

Peyton Manning, arguably the best regular season quarterback in National Football League (NFL) history, has played most of his career for the Indianapolis Colts. Before signing with the Denver Broncos just two years ago, Manning led the Colts to numerous division championships and to more than one Super Bowl.
As might be expected, Indianapolis won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning calling signals and the fans in Indianapolis rewarded this winning team with regular sellout crowds at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Of course, it’s easy to go to a ballpark and watch your team win consistently. And it has been even easier for fans of the Colts because home field for the “blue and white” rests inside a magnificent stadium that opened its gates for the first time just seven years ago on August 16, 2008.
A capacity crowd for this still-like-new stadium is 62,421. Interestingly, the capacity can be expanded to 70,000. That’s the number of fans that can watch basketball in multi-purpose Lucas Oil Stadium. And if that were not enough, this modern and spacious park can also accommodate 70,000 fans for the Super Bowl.
The truth is that Lucas Oil Stadium has already hosted the big football game. Super Bowl XVLI was played there in 2012.
There are other sports and entertainment events that take place at this conveniently-located ballpark. It hosts the Bands of America Grand National Championship, a much anticipated event that draws the top high school marching bands in America.
There is also the Drum Corps International Championship which also pits high school musical teams against one another.
There is a mechanized retractable roof which, when it appeared in 2008, was the first of its kind in the National Football League. Interestingly, there is also a Movable Window Wall that, when closed, allows lots of bright sunlight into the stadium. When opened, usually only in good weather, this wall of windows divides into two equal parts and retracts to let fresh air into the ballpark.
Lucas Oil Stadium, which was once known as the RCA Dome, has hosted and will continue to host lots of extremely interesting events.
Included in the park’s future plans are NCAA Final Four “March Madness” Basketball Tournaments for both men and women. Also coming up is World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Wrestle Mania XXXIV. It will take place in 2018, almost certainly before a packed house.
Of course, with young Andrew Luck handling the quarterback chores for this very solid team, it seems certain that many playoff games lie ahead, perhaps even a visit or two to upcoming Super Bowls.
Peyton Manning, in the twilight of his career, has taken his game out west to Denver. But his replacement may turn out be as good as he was in his prime, perhaps even better.
It could happen.
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