Pro Sports Stadium Review: Met Life Stadium

Imagine if the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox both had to share a stadium. You have the upper crust Cubs fans one series and then the beer-swilling blue-collar Sox fans the next. The venue might be the same, but the game day crowds could not be more different.
This is what happens in the NFL when the New York Giants and New York Jets share Met Life Stadium. The Giants crowd is the more Cubs-like lot. They are the more affluent, older, more civilized crowd. They don’t get rowdy, at some times they can be downright quiet. But at a Giants game you won’t see nearly as many fights in the stands and other boorish behavior.

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Then there are the Jets faithful. These are the White Sox-like fans. They are the hard working, beer guzzling, rowdy fans. They are loud, proud and likely to get in a fight when someone crosses them. If you like a bit of noise with your NFL, then you are more likely to be a Jets fan than a Giants fan.
Although both share the same stadium, Met Life Stadium is different depending on which team is playing. Although the concession choices are the same, the lighting is different with green being the dominant color when the Jets play and blue for the Giants.
The food choices are plentiful, but this is NYC so expect to pay big bucks. You are likely to spend upwards of $30.00 just to park. A Yuengling is going to run you about $12.00. But you can get a turkey wrap for $7.00 and a soft pretzel for $3.00, so if you get there early (highly recommended) and bring you own tailgating lunch, you can stay within budget by eating a couple of pretzels and drinking a souvenir soda for $8.00.
If money is no object for you though, you can feast on some different dishes at Home Food Advantage such as pepper and egg sandwich, meatballs, or pork roll. You can also find concessions where you can get hot dogs, specialty grilled chees, Buffalo chicken mac-n-cheese, or Mrs. Field’s cookie and brownies. These are the same whether you are at he Jets or the Giants game.
The differences though are when the Jets play, besides a more rowdy crowd and the green hue, there is also more noise with the music and fireworks, and a drum line called the Aviators which you will find marching around the stadium during pregame. The Giants are too refined for such tom-foolery. They don’t blast loud music during the game and they don’t shoot fireworks off during the national anthem. They are the Giants after all.
Jets fans have the “little brother” thing even though the stadium is just as much theirs as it is the Giants. The Giants have been much more successful, having won four Super Bowls since the Jets won their only one in Super Bowl three and the fans reflect that. Jets fans get upset when the team gets behind and they begin to yell and scream and complain. Giants fans are far more patient.
Neither of the teams has performed well lately. With the team’s not doing well and the highest ticket prices in the league, you may find some empty seats in the upper levels. But if one of these teams gets off to a 4-0 start, they will be the hottest ticket in the league. It’s just how it is in New York. The lights shine brighter in the Big Apple than anywhere else.
One thing about Met Life Stadium though if you plan to go, don’t expect to take in a nice neighborhood before or after the game. The Meadowlands sports complex was built in a swamp in New Jersey. After the game, there is not much to do other than fight the traffic to get out of there.
So when going to a Jets or Giants game, pack a picnic basket and if the game is a blowout, you may want to dip out a bit early.
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