Pro Sports Stadium Review: Miller Park

Miller Park owes its name to the Miller Brewing Company. It pays for the right to have the stadium bear the word that appears on its beer. The park, however, owes its popularity with fans to the home team that plays there.

Yes, the Milwaukee Brewers are popular with fans, well-liked because they perform with maximum effort. They try hard, but as a small market team, they don’t always succeed.

2015 is a case in point. Team management believed this current squad would compete for a spot in the playoffs. A poor start put that hope to rest.

As is often the case with lower revenue teams, there aren’t enough good players to get this group to “the promised land.”

The disappointing performance on the field has impacted attendance. Miller Field has a seating capacity of 41,900, a number it hasn’t really approached this season.

It is too bad. Good teams generally receive lots of fan support. In a better year, the Brewers were able to play a game before a stadium record gathering of 46,218. But that hasn’t happened very frequently.

Miller Park, which opened in 2001, has hitter-friendly dimensions. The left field fence is only 344 feet from home plate. Right field is 345 feet away while the center field fence registers at an even 400 feet away from the batter’s box.

Most modern ballparks have fun-filled features that keep fans entertained. Miller Park is no exception. It is famous for its sixth inning sausage race. A Polish sausage, an Italian sausage, a hot dog and a chorizo sausage vie for first place honors at every home game and the fans love it.

Bernie Brewer, a mascot, has a clubhouse beyond the outfield fence. After every Milwaukee home run or victory Bernie slides down a chute onto a platform shaped like home plate.

There are other mascots, as well, including lovable Hank the Dog. It’s all great fun that enriches a fan’s experience, especially a young fan.

There are, of course, many notable events that have taken place at Miller Park and many that will occur in the future. Interestingly, in 2007, the ballpark was home to the U.S. Bowling Congress Masters Championship. It was held outdoors and was well attended.

The ballpark was once made available for football games which were being played by the old United Football League.

There is a convertible roof that can be opened or closed in less than ten minutes. And this desirable summertime destination is often where outdoor concerts take place.

Bn Jovi has performed here. Paul McCartney entertained thousands, as did Bruce Springsteen, NSync and many, many others.

Finally, the Brewers are respectful of their baseball heroes. Outside the park, at the entrance, stand two impressive statues. One is a representation of Robin Yount and the other is of the immortal Hank Aaron.

Small cities always honor big heroes.
Graphics via wikipedia, stadiumjourney

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