2015 Pro Sports Stadium Review: Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals moved from Montreal because they had a terrible stadium in Quebec. When they first got to Washington DC, they played their home game at RFK Stadium while their new ballpark was being constructed.
Nationals Park opened in 2008. It seats nearly 42,000 for baseball, which is right about where a baseball park needs to be. The neighborhood around National Park is known as the Navy Yard as it is right near the military base made famous by the TV Show NCIS.

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The surrounding neighborhood can be described as “up and coming” and National Park deserves much of the credit for that. In another couple of seasons, this may be a lot better baseball game day experience then it is even now.
There is a lot of parking near the ballpark but the Nats fans tend to take the subway system to and from the game. Why not? There are places to stop before and after the game surrounding the ballpark where you can get something to eat and drink. You can go to Barracks Row, the Waterfront or Georgetown where you can visit places such as Billy Martin’s Tavern, Bar Charley, Z Burger on the waterfront or Smith Commons.
During your visit to Nationals Park, you can enjoy the huge deck in the outfield as you walk into the ballpark. The Red Porch is a popular spot to hang out and get some food and drinks before and during the game. Fans can sit and talk among themselves while watching the game on the big screen TV while visiting the statues of various past great Senators players such as Walter Johnson.
Nationals Park is constructed of steel and concrete without the brick one might find at other newer venues. It tends to make it a less pleasing venue to the eye, but that’s ok. The concourse area look a bit like a mall, but really, you are there to watch the game anyway sh is that really a big deal?
At the top of Nationals Park you can view the Anacostia River which is a very nice picture with the trees in the background. At the top of the ballpark you can also see off in the distance, the U.S. Capitol Building which is very cool, even if you may not be a big fan of our government these days.
If there is a knock on National Park it may be that the fans are of the rabid bunch you would find at other Major League Ballparks. But since the team is now one of the better teams in the National League and boast such stars as Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer and Jonathan Papelbon, the crowds are getting bigger and louder. Sometimes it takes a while to build a fan base and the Mets, Phillies, Braves and other teams have had a long head start over the Nats.
National Park has some of the best views of the field in the game. Scherzer and the other Nats pitchers may not like it but the seats are right on the field. All of the seats, even in the upper levels are chairs with armrests and cup holders, that is always nice. The HD scoreboard in the outfield is one of the he hi-def picture TVs all ne stadiums boast now. The picture is as sharp as the TV in your living room.
All Nationals Park needs now is for the rest of the neighborhood to catch up and for the team to bring a championship to give this place some tradition to boast of and it will be a must visit destination for any baseball fan.
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