Pro Sports Stadium Review: Nissan Stadium

Welcome to Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. It is home to the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans, a squad that has not fared well lately. It is also where football pleases fans and country music excites them.
Yes, the NFL matters in this part of Tennessee, but  country-western music does, as well and the great stars that sing the songs are literally like “icing on the cake” for the legions of motivated fans that populate the area. Nissan Stadium serves both and Nashville natives couldn’t be happier.
Nashville Stadium, like so many other sports venues in America, has had many different names. This comfortable ballpark, which seats as many as 69,143 fans, was originally known as Adelphia Coliseum. That was way back in 1999 when the stadium gates swung open for the very first time.
In 2002, a name change occurred and the ballpark for the next four years was known simply as The Coliseum. There was one other name change that lasted until this year. It was prior to the start of the current season that Nissan Corporation, the giant Japanese automaker, decided to pay to have its corporate and brand name emblazoned in huge letters on the outside of the stadium.

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Football is big in this part of the United States, music is, too. But, while the Titans are the ballpark’s primary tenant, other sports activity does take place. For instance, a college football team, the Tennessee State Tigers, plays home games in this park.
Perhaps the best football game to be played in Nissan Stadium took place on January 8, 2000. That was the first season in which the Titans played home games in the ballpark and the game was one for the ages.
The game, which became known as the “Music City Miracle,” pitted the home team Titans against the visiting Buffalo Bills There was a lot on the line in this playoff game because the loser would be forced to start winter vacation at once while the winner would advance to another round.
With time running out and the Bills leading on the scoreboard, Tennessee’s special team squad used a “trick play” on a runback that resulted in the improbable and unlikely winning score.
Thousands of delirious fans went home happy that day as the Titans moved on to more playoff football.  The home team has been unable to match that striking success in the years since It happened, but fans still enjoy attending games.
Many well-known music artists have performed before live audiences in Nissan Stadium and many more are likely to do the same in the future.
Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans will continue working to improve so that their loyal fans can enjoy NFL games way past the end of December.
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