Pro Sports Stadium Review: Petco Park

San Diego is south of Los Angeles, east of Tijuna, Mexico and close to the basement in the National League Western Division standings.
It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, but injuries and below-average performances from many players have this squad thinking about an early winter vacation.
Petco Park - Interior Night
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Of course, the players can remain in San Diego after the season ends because it is a city with the best weather in the United States. With a mild climate and very little rainfall, there’s no need to visit a Caribbean Island to enjoy outdoor life.
Perhaps next year, in 2016, things will break better for this southern California team. After all, they play their games in a beautiful ballpark, have quality players, including good pitching and never have to worry about annoying and disruptive rain delays.
Their home stadium is called Petco Park, named for the national retailer that has its headquarters in this outdoor city. The park’s capacity is 41,164. Its record attendance is substantially higher at 45,567.
Known as a “pitcher’s park, the dimensions on the field bear out that belief. The left field foul pole is three hundred thirty-four feet from the batter’s box while the distance to the right field foul pole is three hundred twenty-two feet.
The power alleys are harder to reach at distances of three hundred ninety feet in left and three hundred ninety-one feet in right. Given those dimensions, it’s no surprise that the number on the center field wall reads three hundred ninety-six feet.
While Petco Park exists primarily for the use of the Padres, other events have taken place there. A college baseball tournament was played in 2006 and the park hosted games for the first World Baseball Classic.
A local team entertained another squad in an exciting rugby match and the Rolling Stones starred in the stadium’s first-ever concert in 2005.
This always-sunny stadium has many interesting features. One of them is “The Park in the Park,” a grassy area  above and beyond the outfield fence where fans can sit on a blanket and enjoy the game for only $5.00.
A thirty foot x fifty-three foot Video Board offers replays and graphics in high resolution. It is called Friar Vision. There is also a 34 foot x 89 foot Matrix Scoreboard. It is located above the Friar Vision board and displays lineups, game stats, animation and much, much more.
This attractive and comfortable venue and sports destination also has five thousand club seats and fifty-eight luxury suites, most of which are used by local corporations to entertain clients by treating them to “an evening at the ballpark.”  
Good weather, pleasant surroundings and a team that’s likely to perform well in 2016 – three good reasons for Padres fans to support their team for the remainder of this year and next season, as well.
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