Pro Sports Stadium Review: Prudential Center

The New Jersey Devils, like the New York Islanders, have always played “second fiddle” to the neighboring New York Rangers. The Madison Square Garden team was first to play in the New York Metropolitan area and it has the most fans, all of them loyal.
The New Jersey Devils have something the squad from Manhattan doesn’t have, lots of success at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century.
This team, which currently plays its home games in the Prudential Center, a sports facility that opened in 2007, just eight years ago, has a record of achievement few teams can match.
For that reason, its fan base is loyal and attendance at the Prudential Center is solid even when the team underperforms. The arena, which is located in Newark can accommodate seventeen thousand six hundred twenty-five hockey fans and eighteen thousand eight hundred eleven fans for basketball, another sport that is played in the indoor arena.
Prudential Center can also seat seventeen thousand five hundred two people for indoor soccer, seventeen thousand six hundred twenty-five people for indoor lacrosse and nineteen thousand five hundred music fans for concerts featuring top name entertainers.

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There are three permanent tenants sharing the arena in Prudential Center, The New Jersey Devils, of course, are one of them.  NCAA men’s basketball is represented by the state’s Seton Hall Pirates and the WNBA’s New York Liberty also play here.
Interestingly, the NBA’s New York Nets, now playing their home games in Brooklyn, were full-time tenants at prudential center from 2010 until 2012.
Local fans and sportswriters refer to the building as “the rock,” a reference to the rock of Gibraltar, an advertising slogan used by the company whose name appears on the building.
There are two thousand three hundred club seats in this terrific arena, available to any fan wiling to pay a premium for comfort and convenience.
The rolling stones completed their “fiftieth anniversary tour” by giving a final performance to excited fans. There have been many other great acts playing their music before devoted and motivated people.
And while prudential center is probably the best home arena the devils have had, this New Jersey squad once played its home games in the Meadowland sports complex in East Rutherford. Their arena had different names at different times in the team’s history.
Those names included the Brendon Byrne arena (named for a former governor) and the continental airlines arena.
In the teams’ early years, it was known as the Kansas City scouts and the Colorado Rockies. But the name it has had since 1982, a period of thirty-three years, is the New Jersey devils
It hopes to call prudential center home for at least that long, even longer, if possible.
Graphic via wikipedia

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