Pro Sports Stadium Review: Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners are a team with a loyal fan base and a great home park. It’s called Safeco Field. It was opened to serve the home team on July 15, 1999 and it has a retractable roof that is shaped like a giant umbrella.
The temperature is almost always comfortably cool, but not cold, in this far northwestern city. However, it tends to rain frequently. As a result, the park’s architects included an unusual design for a retractable roof that, when open, shuts out the inclement weather while enabling the fans inside to enjoy nature’s pleasant breezes. In other words, this roof eliminates the need for air conditioning.

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When Safeco Field was opened in 1999 it replaced the team’s previous home park which was known as “The Kingdome,” a sports facility that was considered inadequate and unfit for a professional baseball team.
Mariners management was unhappy with The Kingdome and threatened to move to another city unless public financing was approved by the state. It was, the new ballpark was built and, to this day, it is owned and operated by the state of Washington. Yes, the Mariners are tenants.
But the baseball team and the state are profiting because of fan interest. After all, the team, while disappointing this season, has a core of good, young players and a promising future. And the ballpark provides fans with a great experience.
Its seating capacity is 47,574. However, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held Wrestle Mania XIX here several years ago and on the day of the event 54,097 people paid to watch the show. That attendance is a record for Safeco Field that is not likely to be broken.
The field dimensions are reasonable. The distance from home plate to the left field wall is three hundred thirty-one feet. It is three hundred twenty-six feet to the right field wall. As might be expected, the power alleys present more of a challenge to would-be sluggers. It is three hundred seventy-eight feet to the wall in left center field and three hundred eighty feet in right center field. The deepest point on the field is dead center at four hundred one feet.
Safeco Field takes its name from the Safeco Insurance Company, a major insurer that is located in the same city. The park has a number of interesting features, including the field level Diamond Club. Members of this club enjoy access to seats in the first eight rows behind home plate, as well as VIP parking and private entry into the ballpark.
There are also seventy group and individual suites that provide members with preferred seating, private entry, a private wait staff and concierge service.
The Wells Fargo Terrace Club gives members wait staff service for every seat and access to two private clubs.
Clearly, fans who attend games at Safeco Field can expect to enjoy the experience because this park is 100% customer-friendly.
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