Pro Sports Stadium Review: Superdome

The New Orleans Saints have one of the most established fan bases in the NFL and it shows. They endured decades of miserable play, but never gave up. They play in one of the older stadiums in the league, turning 40 this year, but it is amazing how well the venue operators have kept up with the times. Playing in a stadium with such a rich history, in one of the most storied cities in the nation, in front of a fan base that has endured for generations, well, it is just an experience that fans and players alike clamor to be a part of.

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The Superdome in New Orleans is now officially titled the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and many feel that it is one of the most intimidating venues for the opposing team in the entire NFL, if not for any professional sports franchise period. The home of the New Orleans Saints has hosted more Super Bowls than any other city, and it has also been home to numerous other world class sporting events, from the BCS National Championship to the NCAA Final Four, and many more. To top it all off, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is located just blocks away, so walking distance, from one the most famous party districts in the entire world. That’s right – the stadium is pretty much adjacent to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, so any weekend spent attending an NFL game in this city will truly be the experience of a lifetime.

As one would also expect, the food and beverage options available at the stadium are second to none. Cajun cuisine can be found throughout, and full bars are conveniently located across all concourses. Prices are comparable with other NFL venues, so there is no sticker shock here. Perhaps the best part of the entire NFL experience is the atmosphere inside the stadium, and on that account the Superdome shines. There are three levels of seating throughout the stadium, and this includes both a lower plaza level, and an upper level that also contains suites, club seating, and press facilities interspersed throughout as well.

Throughout the years, the stadium has continually been renovated and upgraded as much as possible. There are large video screens and scoreboards located on the wall behind both endzones, in addition to above the upper level stands. Fans have raved through the years about the exciting atmosphere located within the stadium. It is loud and the Saints fans are proud. There is a lot of energy and it’s felt by anyone who is fortunate enough to get a ticket, which has been increasingly difficult to do in recent years as the Saints have excelled from a playing perspective. There is a lot of tradition involved with playing in New Orleans, including fight songs and pre game rituals. Current players and coaches live by the tradition and new players are well taught before ever stepping foot on the field for the first time. Opposing players and fans cannot help but be amazed at the resilience of the people of New Orleans as they had endured a rather tumultuous last decade, yet they are consistently ranked among the most hospitable and pleasing of all people in the NFL. It is truly an experience that every true fan should try to see for themselves at least once.
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