Rukkus Presents: Rocket & The Ghost

Kiyoshi Matsuyama started Rocket & the Ghost out of a desire to explore more rock-oriented music. The band released thier self-titled debut EP in November. The EP features a collection of well-written rock songs that really showcase Matsuyama’s impressive vocal range. If you are a fan of melodic rock music, this is one band to keep an eye on.

Rocket & The Ghost will be part of the first “Rukkus Presents” concert this Saturday, March 22, at Cameo Gallery. We had a chance to chat with Kiyoshi Matsuyama ahead of the show. Hit the jump to learn a little more about Rocket & The Ghost.

Get Familiar With Rocket & The Ghost

1.  How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

KM: Think of a real crooner like Roy Orbison or Elvis. Now think of Animal (from the Muppets) on the drums. Now think of synthesizers and hooks that would make The Cars blush. Now think of The Who’s volume. We’re all of that and possibly more.

2. Four adjectives that describe your live show:

KM: Explosive. Sweaty. Loud. Quiet.

3.  If you could tour with any band right now, who would it be? Why?

KM: Arcade Fire or My Morning Jacket because they have great songs and know how to work a crowd, and they’re not just reliant on a visual gimmick.

4.  Musical Guilty Pleasure?

KM: Too many to list. My ultimate guilty pleasure that no one else understands is “Hotel California” by The Eagles. I don’t understand it either, but I just love that damn song.


Join us and see Seasick Mama live this Saturday! Click the link for more information on the show at Cameo Gallery.

Discounted tickets are available through the Rukkus app for only $8!

Article by Jason Schellhardt

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