Roseland Ballroom in NYC Will Close Its Doors Forever After… A Lady Gaga Concert?

roseland ballroom closing lady gaga

As you may know, the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York City will be shutting down early next year after almost a century of continued operation. The venue began as a dance hall and evolved into one of the most widely recognized concert venues in Manhattan. It’s unclear exactly why the venue will be closing, though financial trouble is suspected.

Lady Gaga Will Close NYC’s Beloved Roseland Ballroom

With Roseland’s closing, yet another historic live music hot-spot of Manhattan fades away (as CBGB did before it), making the grittier past of NYC’s music scene little more than a vanishing memory. The news left many wondering what artist would have the honor of shutting Roseland’s doors, a question to which we now have an answer… Lady Gaga. Perhaps, for a venue that famously booked boundary-breaking acts, the arrival of the pop star is a sign of what’s to come—the mainstream culture that’s replacing New York’s character.

As Roseland disappears from midtown, so do the family-owned restaurants, the late-night haunts of yesteryear, and the backbone that once held the city together. New York’s soul is continually being replaced by the sterile, shiny gauze of corporate America, and Roseland Ballroom’s number just got called.

Say your good-byes to the Roseland Ballroom; check out all the remaining dates here.

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