The Rukkus iPhone App

Attention live entertainment fans: we’ve just launched a new app that is slated to change the way you buy concert, sports, and theater tickets on your mobile device. The days of dealing with hard-to-read captchas, clunky mobile website experiences, and lengthy checkout processes are officially over. Our app is here to simplify the ticket buying process that’s been characterized by inefficiency and inconvenience for too long. That all ends today.

Introducing the Rukkus iPhone App

We present an alternative to the hassle with our new concierge app, designed to completely eliminate the work involved in hunting down tickets. By streamlining the interface so that a user is presented with only the absolute cheapest ticket, the Rukkus app eliminates the friction of indecision, as well as the confusion of ticket buying. Without having to shop around, users can quickly see every live event happening near them and then purchase tickets in just a couple of taps. Finding out about shows and buying tickets on a whim just got really easy.

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“In my opinion, the average person doesn’t go to enough live events. We’d like to change that,” said Manick Bhan, CEO and founder of Rukkus. “The app is an essential discovery tool for seeing what’s happening in your hometown, or for anyone traveling to a new city and looking for something fun to do. Rukkus brings in social media and music for every performer to make discovery easy and fun. And because we’re live event fans too, every ticket in the app is guaranteed to be the best deal out there.”

Key Features:

– Rukkus scours the web for all tickets and hand-picks the best deals for every event.

– Upcoming events are based on a user’s personal taste and location.

– Checkout through quick 2-tap purchasing and state of the art credit card scanner.

– Discover new artists by streaming top tracks and interacting with their social media.

– Gain exclusive access to discounted tickets and giveaways.

100% free download

– No last minute hidden fees; the price displayed is the price paid.

 See it in action:

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