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As you may already know, our goal at JoinTheRukkus is to share our love of live music. Put simply, it’s a passion that knows no bounds. What you might not know, however, is that we are the ambassadors of Rukkus is more than simply our main site, it’s the foundation on which we are built, and it exists for the sole purpose of putting fans in charge of their live music experience. Rukkus is a live entertainment search engine that ensures you’ll never overpay for tickets or miss a show again. Look no further, every ticket on the web is right here.

What is Rukkus and How Does It Work?

Rukkus was born out of necessity; it was started in 2011 by Manick Bhan, a music lover, who wanted a better way for everyone to enjoy live music. He noticed that the ticket buying experience was becoming increasingly complicated and that he was constantly purchasing tickets in a cloud of unknowing—whether it was coordinating with friends last-minute, waiting too long for prices to drop on the secondary market, buying on impulse, or even hearing about his favorite artists playing after the show already happened. Thus, Rukkus was founded to give power back to the fans and to eradicate these challenges, and now, after tireless work, we believe we’ve solved them.

How’s that possible, you ask? Well, first, let’s pinpoint exactly what’s causing the current inefficiencies in the ticket market and stacking the odds against live music fans. As were enumerated in a recent Buzzfeed article, the obstacles standing between you and tickets to see your favorite artist are even more problematic than you might think. Picture a concert. Every show starts with a heap of tickets, but they’re gradually skimmed off the top of the pile, even before tickets are released to the general public. When they actually go on-sale, there’s hardly any left for the rest of us. Allow us to break down the steps one-by-one:

  • Credit card pre-sales take out a large chunk of available tickets before they go on-sale to the public.

  • Tickets are set aside and reserved for artist fanclubs.

  • Artists and their management are allotted a certain amount of tickets.

  • Not on the guest list or VIP? Well, that’s another portion of tickets off the market.

  • Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the tickets go on sale… but now, scalpers and programmed bots race to snatch up what’s left.

  • Lucky enough to score tickets? Say hello to inflated service fees.

Have a look at this chart for a Justin Bieber arena gig this year. Out of just about 14,000 available tickets, a staggering 1,001 seats were released to the general public.

Concert tickets

Courtesy of Buzzfeed

With Rukkus, these issues no longer matter. We ensure that the frustration surrounding ticket buying becomes irrelevant by providing a one-stop solution to live music woes. Gone are the days of constantly refreshing web pages as tickets go on sale, or the stinging defeat of sold-out primary market shows; never again will you have to scour website after website for overpriced tickets. We have every available ticket at your fingertips, and we’ve built our site so that the hardest decision you have to make about a concert is what to wear.

Here’s how: by partnering with dozens of primary and secondary market ticket sites, we possess the largest ticket inventory on the web. Every ticket. Every show. Think: the Kayak of concert tickets. Moreover, we’ll give you the best deal, and get you closest to that guitar solo in the process.

The Rukkus ticket scoring system uses algorithms specifically designed to pinpoint the best valued ticket, based on price and distance to the stage; we’ve devised a ratio that’ll get you the best “bang for your buck,” for every show.

The best part is, you’re in charge. You’ll never miss another show or overpay for tickets again. Our recommendation engine tells you when your favorite artists are coming to town, and even suggests similar artists based on your personal taste. To take full advantage, simply sign-up for Rukkus with your Facebook account—with this, we extract your musical DNA and nothing more.

From there, we base concert recommendations on who you “like” on Facebook, or listen to on Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, or With our unique “event map,” you can easily see where your favorite artists are playing in your local music scene, all while streaming music from our library, or browsing the latest social media activity on a band’s page. It’s that simple, and it’s completely free, now and forever.

We know costs can add up for live music junkies; concert tickets aren’t always cheap. Nevertheless, we’re happy to report that oftentimes, tickets are even less than face-value on Rukkus. We do our best to save you money. You know that moment when the encore ends and your blood is still pumping… until you open your wallet and it’s empty? We’ve been there. Consider the savings a gift, from us to you.

Rukkus was built by live music fans, for live music fans. For too long, buying concert tickets has been an experience filled with uncertainty and red-tape, and that’s simply no longer a viable option. See an artist you like on the blog? Any link directs to Rukkus, where you can see if they’re playing near you. Head on over to the main site and get yourself to a show. We’re happy to do all the legwork, so you can sit back, relax, and focus on what’s most important—the music.

Article by Nicolas White & Kate McCrory

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