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In 2015 the San Diego Chargers will be looking to get back into the playoffs after missing out in 2014 for the fourth time in five years. The Chargers schedule is up and down with challenging games followed by games against lesser opponents all throughout. They finished 9-7 last year and their schedule makes for a similar result this year if they do not improve this offseason. The Chargers schedule opens with a home game against the Detroit Lions. The Lions present a passing attack that could give the Chargers secondary some issues. They simply do not have anyone to cover Calvin Johnson. The trend of tall wide receivers continues in week two as they face AJ Green and the Bengals. San Diego struggled against top competition last season and the first two weeks of the season will be a good test to see if they have improved. After week two things get a little easier with two consecutive games against Minnesota and Cleveland.

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In order to take the next step and get back into the playoffs the Chargers will need to perform better against their divisional opponents. It is not until the second half of the season until the San Diego Chargers schedule provides their biggest tests with games against rivals Denver and Kansas City. All four of these meetings take place in week 11 or after. Last year San Diego was 0-4 against the Chiefs and Broncos and fell towards the bottom of the division. They struggled to stop the run game of both opponents and also could not put up enough points on the offensive end. The Chiefs offense is built around Jamaal Charles and the run game, which is a place the San Diego defense struggles. In Denver all the talk surrounds Peyton Manning, but the Broncos also like to develop the run game. The Chargers must be able to least split the series against these two to improve their playoff chances. Games against Oakland and Jacksonville are must wins in the second half of the season. Overall, the San Diego Chargers schedule is very difficult in the second half of the year. The key for them will be getting and staying healthy as they racked up a countless number of injuries last year that forced their production to drop off. If healthy they are capable of becoming a playoff team and the first round draft selection Melvin Gordon could be a huge boost for offense. If they can come out with a strong running game life will be so much easier for Phillip Rivers. The way their schedule is laid out, a strong finish to the season is a must or they will once again fall short of a playoff berth.

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