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The San Diego Padres went all in to win in 2015. In the offseason they brought in Justin Upton and his brother formerly known as B. J. Upton, Wil Myers, James Shields, Matt Kemp, Craig Kimbrel and Will Middlebrooks. That’s a lot of guys who have been to the postseason before. San Diego was tired of watching the Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels going to October while they were at home watching on TV. So they mortgaged the future to win now. How did that go? Not good.

The Padres enter the trade deadline as sellers and not buyers. They are five games under .500 at 48-53 and are 8.0 games out of the second Wild Card spot. The problem is not only that the Padres are selling, but also it seems that other than Justin Upton, nobody wants anyone they have.

James Shields might be a good addition for a contender, but he is expensive. The New York Yankees or the hated Dodgers might be able to take on that money, but do the Padres want to help the Dodgers win? Melvin, a pretty good player for years with the Tampa Bay Rays, has forgotten how to hit since coming over to the N. L.

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Kemp is only hitting .255 with 11 homers. Myers is always on the disabled list. Middlebrooks is hitting a paltry .212. They just have nobody an contender wants.

The Padres are reduced to playing spoiler once again. The San Diego Padres schedule for August will have the St. Louis Cardinals the 21st through the 23rd and the Washington Nationals from the 25th through the 27th. The rest of the month will be inconsequential as far as the postseason goes. They have the Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves, and Cincinnati Reds on the August schedule as well.

The September San Diego Padres schedule has the Dodgers in from the 3rd through the 6th, they visit the San Francisco Giants the 11th through the 13th and host them the 22nd through the 24th. The San Diego Padres October schedule could be important as they visit the Dodgers on the season’s final three days, October 2-4.

Other than those important series, the Texas Rangers come in August 31 through September 2. The Rangers are still hanging around in the American League Wild Card race. They just added Cole Hamels to their pitching rotation after a trade with the Phillies.

The Padres also have seven games with the Colorado Rockies and six with the Arizona Diamondbacks is Septembers as well. Those will be games that will decide third through fifth in the West Division.

The 2015 season has surely been a huge disappointment for Padres fans. There really is no way to spin it any other way. After high expectations in the offseason to be this bad is hard to take. There really doesn’t appear to be good news for the future either since a lot of prospects went to places like Atlanta and Tampa Bay.

What can the Padres fans hope for to make them competitive in 2016? They need a healthy season from Wil Myers where he lives up to what people thought he would become when he was a minor leaguer in the Kansas City Royals system. Remember, he was traded for Shields and Wade Davis and when it was done, most Royals fans were angry about it. They also need Middlebrooks, Kemp and B. J./Melvin to find their strokes.

If San Diego can get some leads into the ninth, Kimbrel can close them out.  They also need Dick Enberg to come back for another year because right now he is the only thing that makes watching the Padres enjoyable.

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