Rukkus Presents: 4 Questions With Seasick Mama

Marial Maher is destined for stardom. When the singer/model is not busy with photo shoots and brand endorsements, the Rhode Island native is writing what she calls “intellectual pop” music as her alter ego, Seasick Mama. The songs on her Tip Top Shape EP, are all distinctly different, but each track is a prime example of Maher’s confident-yet-vulnerable persona.

Seasick Mama will be part of the first “Rukkus Presents” concert this Saturday, March 22, at Cameo Gallery. We had a chance to chat with Marial Maher ahead of the show. Hit the jump to learn a little more about Seasick Mama.

Get Familiar With Seasick Mama

Just Released: “Gimme Something More to Work With” —

1. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

MM: I have been getting a lot of No Doubt and Karen O. I don’t mind that all, they are bad ass bitches. Hopefully in the next year or so, more music will be released and there will be a song for everyone. I try not to stick to one genre.

2. Four adjectives that describe your live show:

MM: Loud. Sexual. Dynamic. Uncivilized.

3. If you could tour with any band right now, who would it be? Why?

MM: Future Islands. I think Samuel T. Herring has balls.

4. Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

MM: My musical guilty pleasure would be… Blake Shelton.


Join us and see Seasick Mama live this Saturday! Click the link for more information on the show at Cameo Gallery.

Discounted tickets are available through the Rukkus app for only $8!

Article by Jason Schellhardt

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