Interview: Ski Lodge Talks New Material, Molly Ringwald, Gigawatts Fest

Andrew Marr is the multi-instrumentalist behind Ski Lodge. With his knack for catchy melodies and jangling guitar riffs, Marr has quickly risen to the top of Brooklyn’s fertile indie-pop scene. We caught up with Marr ahead of his performance at Gigawatts Festival this weekend.

Ski Lodge Interview

Nearly one year ago, Ski Lodge released its debut full-length, Big Heart. The album is full of accessible indie-pop jams whose bright arrangements often belie some pretty crushing lyrical content. Check out the interview below to find out what Marr has been working on and what you can expect from Ski Lodge’s set this weekend.

Rukkus: How would you describe Ski Lodge to someone who has never heard the project?

Andrew Marr: I would say it’s like indie-pop music, which is pretty general, but it’s not like, top-40 pop music. I would say it’s guitar-driven, vocally-driven indie-pop music. We use a fair bit of reverb and chorus effects, which gives it a summery, somewhat 80s vibe. It’s hard to explain. I don’t like explaining it to people when they ask, so I try to be as vague as possible when I answer.

It has been almost one year since you released your debut, Big Heart. Are you working on any new material at the moment?

Yes, I am actually about to do some recording tonight. I’m working on a handful of songs. I’m not really sure if it is going to be an EP or a single, or if it will be an LP. I’m definitely working toward the next record, but I might release some stuff before another full length comes out.

How would you say the new material compares to the songs on Big Heart?

It is definitely similar. I think there is a little more emphasis on synthesizers and keyboards. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten around to experimenting more on synthesizers, and they’re so cool that I just wanted to write more stuff with them. That would probably be the main change that people would notice. It’s a little bit dancier. I like when people dance at shows, so I’ve been trying to write some more stuff like that.

Are there any specific artists or albums that have had a significant impact on your music?

This recent batch of songs, I kind of had a specific thing in mind when we started recording, and it was an early record from The Cure called Seventeen Seconds–mainly for the sound of the drums and some other stuff. I would say that was one of the main influences for this new batch of recordings.

ski lodge interview

Ski Lodge are known for absorbing live shows. 

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You are playing at Gigawatts Festival this Saturday. What can we expect from the Ski Lodge set?

We’ll play at least two or three of the new songs that we are recording. What else? That’s really it. The majority of the set will be songs from Big Heart. Hopefully, you can just expect to see a fun set.

Are there any particular bands you are looking forward to at Gigawatts Festival?

Hmm… There are a bunch of bands playing. I wouldn’t mind seeing Frankie Cosmos, but I know they play on a different night than us. I want to see TONSTARTSSBANDHT. I’m excited to see them, they’re playing the same night as us. I’m going to be recording again that weekend, so I’m not sure how many bands I’ll be able to see, but those are the two I’m definitely trying to make it to.

You recently released a cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me.” Any plans to cover another track from an iconic 80s movie?

I’m actually thinking about doing another cover soon. That was from Breakfast Club, right? Maybe something from Sixteen Candles, a little Molly Ringwald. She was in Breakfast Club too, right?

Yes, she was actually in every movie made in the 80s. 


Rapid Fire Round:

Favorite NYC venue: Bowery Ballroom

Best late night food spot: A slice of shitty pizza from somewhere. Pretty much anywhere.

Best live performance you have ever seen: The Shins

Favorite thing about NYC: The convenience of it.

Least favorite thing about NYC: The inconvenience of it.


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Article by Jason Schellhardt

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