Sky Ferreira Plays The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles

Sky Ferreira

Photo Credit: Adela Loconte

After Years of Anticipation, Sky Ferreira Arrives

Tonight’s performance at the famous El Rey Theater was definitely Sky Ferreira’s night and her time to shine. Fans of the twenty-one year old have been anticipating a Los Angeles hometown show for months, and with the album and this tour date pushed back, it was apparent that some fans were growing impatient for the release of her upcoming debut album, My Night, My Time.

As I walked in, a small, youthful crowd was formed in the mosh pit, gazing at the red velvet curtains with neon-colored chandeliers hanging above, while the older crowd gathered around the bar making small talk. Amongst all the recent headlines Ferreira has stirred up, it’s safe to say fans weren’t sure what to expect from her performance.

Openers Nightmare and the Cat stirred up the crowd and got their heads bobbing after a few songs from their Simple EP. By the end of their set, it was clear that they won the crowd over, finishing with “Alvarado.” They’re a great band to check out, already opening for the likes of Bastille and Smallpools within the last couple of months.

As the curtain rose up once again, Ferreira appeared through a cloud of fog, wearing sunglasses identical to the ones she donned in her most recent music video for the album’s first single, “You’re Not the One.”

With no introduction, she began with a song off the new album called “Boys,” a heavy rock track sprinkled with fast-paced drum fills and repetitive one-liners that create a loop in your head for hours after the show is over. It only took one song to get the crowd fired up, and soon after, she announced that she was playing the whole album in order from start to finish, making the whole room erupt in cheers.

The tracks on this album won’t be satisfying to fans that are expecting a roster full of “Everything is Embarrassing” sound-alikes. Sky Ferreira is embracing a powerful rock and synth compilation, embodying angst, confusion, and frustration; undoubtedly, these are emotions she’s experienced for the past five years working on this project.

After finishing “I Blame Myself,” she apologized for missing the last note, notifying the crowd that she’s still recovering from a hemorrhage on her vocal chords that caused her to drop off the last few dates of the Vampire Weekend tour she was supporting.

Although the set was mostly a hard rock-dominated sound, tracks like “I Will,” “Love in Stereo,” and “24 Hours” are sure-fire pop hits that are a little more on the lighter side. At times, Ferreira became so engrossed in songs like “Ain’t Your Right” and “My Night My Time” that she would stare into the crowd menacingly, or cross her arms and barely move during the performance.

After ending one of the last songs of the night, “Sunday Morning,” she completely lost her train of thought and soon after forgot the lyrics to the single that put her on the map, “Everything is Embarrassing.” Keeping her composure, she stopped the band, apologized, and asked if it would be “weird” to start the song over again. Of course, not one person in the crowd objected.

As Ferreira was practically being pulled into the crowd, a fan managed to coerce her into singing one of her first singles from 2010 called “One,” causing index fingers to shoot out of the crowd during the whole song. As the night drew to a close, Ferreira giggled, stumbled on her words, and squeaked an awkward “bye!” before leaving the stage for the final time of the night.

It’s obvious that Sky Ferreira and her team have put in a lot of hard work into this album, and through all the trials and tribulations, the young model/musician was extremely grateful for all the support she received throughout the whole process. The years spent on the album show, and tonight proved that Ferreira is as great a performer on stage as she is on her records. Tucked inside the El Rey Theater, it was L.A.’s own wild album release party on an otherwise quiet Sunday evening.

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Article by Amanda Erwin

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