NFL Schedule: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons, a team that plays in the National Football League’s (NFL) NFC South Division, have been a playoff contender for most of the past few years. Their offense, spearheaded by one of the game’s top quarterbacks, Matt Ryan, has been explosive at times, especially when this team plays at home.
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Their defense has been generally good, but never great. And the Falcons have not been nearly as successful on the road as they have been at home.
Atlanta’s 2015 Schedule has them playing home-and-home series against the three teams in their division, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints.
In fact, Georgia’s favorite football team hosts a young Buccaneers team on November 1st. The up-and-coming Carolina Panthers have a date with Atlanta on December 27th while the New Orleans Saints visit the Falcons on January 3rd, the final day of the regular season.
The Falcons will, of course, visit each of these divisional foes during the season. In fact, they will do battle with the New Orleans Saints and their top quarterback Drew Brees in a nationally-televised Thursday night game on October 15th. Tampa Bay will receive a visit from Atlanta on December 6th while the “rugged-and-ready” Carolina Panthers will try to outmuscle and overcome the team from the South on December 13th.
The 2015 Schedule has the teams of the NFC South Division playing games against squads in the NFC East Division. For its part, Atlanta will open the season at home against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, September 14th.
Other non-divisional home games will pit them against the Houston Texans on October 4th, against the Washington Redskins on October 11th, with the very dangerous Indianapolis Colts on October 22nd and against the Minnesota Vikings and superstar running back Adrian Peterson on October 29th,
Importantly, this southern team faces some very difficult road games. Consider the following. The Falcons will travel to New Jersey’s Meadowlands Sports Complex on September 20th. The New York Giants will be waiting for them. The very next week, on September 27th, they will fly to Dallas for a contest with America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.
Other road games will have this fifty-three man squad traveling to Jacksonville, Tennessee and San Francisco. On balance, the Falcons have what appears to be a soft schedule.
The truth is that their Strength of Schedule is only .409. That gives them the easiest schedule in the National Football League. When you consider that their projected win total is 8.0, it is easy to see why this team has a great opportunity to make it to the postseason.
An easy schedule, a powerful offense, veteran leadership and a hunger to win all point to a favorable outcome for the Atlanta Falcons in 2015.
Of course, nothing will be handed to them. The Falcons still have to play the games.
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