Stone Temple Pilots, Capital Cities, and Many Others Rock the Verizon Theatre in Texas

stone temple pilots concert review

Stone Temple Pilots at the Verizon Theatre in Texas

Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie, Texas – The annual concert for 102.1 “The Edge” (“How The Edge Stole Christmas”) saw a terrible turn in weather to rain, sleet and icy roads. Even with dangerous driving conditions causing accidents and drive times of more than two hours, fans showed up to the nearly sold-out concert. The amazing line-up gave fans a reason to brave the weather, which included Stone Temple Pilots, 30 Seconds To Mars, Blue October, Panic! at the Disco, Capital Cities, and New Politics all in one night.

Stone Temple Pilots at Verizon Theatre

The Danish band new Politics was the first to take the stage, in jeans and t-shirts, no less. They wowed the crowd with their high energy, especially with songs “Harlem” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” They were clearly having a good time and they made fans out of those who hadn’t heard them before.

Though Capital Cities was just the second act, don’t underestimate how many people bought tickets only to see them. The band arrived in their “members only” jackets to play their breakout song “Safe and Sound,” which alone would make the price of admission money well-spent. Even in the last row of the theater, fans couldn’t help but dance.

Panic! at the Disco delivered harder versions of past hits like “Nine in the Afternoon,” but they also played newer tracks, “This Is Gospel” and “Miss Jackson.” The set included a lot of screaming from female audience members. Panic! played a mash-up of “Any Way You Want It” by Journey and ACDC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” before their last song, and Brandon Urie proclaimed, “I am the captain of this ship and will take it down into the briny depths!” Panic!’s last song, a head banging version of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” had the crowd singing along and was punctuated with a back flip by Brandon Urie.

Texas natives Blue October have hardcore fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and they were out in force to see their favorite band. Blue October delivered emotional lyrics to the backdrop of epileptic seizure inducing lights. Justin Furstenfeld told fans that their new album, Sway, “means a lot to them” before playing a new song off the album, “Fear.” They also played past hits “Hate Me” and “Into The Ocean,” during which a violin solo elicited cheers from the crowd.

capital cities

Capital Cities. Photo Credit: Erika Reinsel

30 Seconds To Mars came out to screaming fans and played their first two songs cloaked in shadows. When red light finally flooded the stage, Jared Leto could be seen bouncing around the stage as if he were on springs. When they played “City of Angels,” Jared Leto asked, “How many dreamers are out there? This song is dedicated to you.” It was played as a sing-a-long with the entire theatre joining in. They continued on to play “Attack,” “Night of the Hunter,” “Search and Destroy,” “The Kill,” and “Kings and Queens.” During their set, giant balloons were sent out into the crowd and passed around the theater. Their second to last song was a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay,” and for their last song, “Up in the Air,” Jared Leto brought dozens of fans up on stage to help close out their set.

Of course, the reason that so many people stayed to the very end, even as the weather outside grew worse, was Stone Temple Pilots. STP thanked fans for staying despite the weather, and delivered an expansive set with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as their vocalist. They played “Interstate Love Song,” “Vasoline,” “Big Empty,” “Sex Type Thing,” “Out of Time,” “Down,” “Dead and Bloated,” and many more. Stone Temple Pilots played so many hits and played so well to the crowd, that it’s hard to not think that they’re an archetype of the modern rock band. Most of the songs were from previous albums, but “Out of Time” and “Black Heart” were from their new album with Chester Bennington (released in October). STP ended the night with “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” before fans prepared themselves for the sleet outside and a treacherous drive home.

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Article by Kate McCrory

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