The Do Gooders

Nas, Neko Case, and other do gooders use their influence for the greater good

Successful musicians possess enormous influence these days, thanks in large part to the power of the internet. The web serves as a potential vessel for artists to use their mass appeal for the greater good, and when they do, it works wonders. It’s amazing how attaching the name of a popular artist to a project suddenly gives something that all important “cool” factor—the same force that’s responsible for most trending viral content.

Nas and Neko Case both recently used that uncanny appeal that all established artists possess; in fact, Nas’ efforts were so astounding, that one could even call it a civic duty for others to follow in his tracks. Find out what they, and others, did to make our latest list honoring the do gooders.

Jack White, Marcus Mumford and many more set to gather for benefit concert

Marcus Mumford

You can always count on a benefit concert to bring people together. In support of the forthcoming Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, and the proliferation of music via the efforts of the National Recording Preservation Foundation, a concert will be held at Town Hall in New York on September 29th. The film honors the music of the early 60’s by loosely retelling singer Dave Van Ronk’s attempts to break through the Greenwich Village folk scene of the time.

T Bone Burnett displayed his music industry clout by organizing the show, allowing concertgoers to enjoy performances by big names like Jack White (who’s now a “do gooder” two consecutive times), Marcus Mumford, and Joan Baez, in addition to quirky folk nostalgists Colin Moloy of The Decemberists, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, and many others.

A terminally ill teen plays with Pantera frontman

Phil Anselmo, formerly of Pantera, showed great class by inviting 13 year old Peyton Arens to join his current band on stage. Arnes, who suffers from a rare tissue cancer, displayed some impressive ax-wielding skills, as he shredded through a rendition of the Pantera song “Walk.” Check out Peyton’s bragging rights in YouTube form below.

Nas sets out to raise $20K for family and ends up tripling that number


After an unemployed father and his eight kids lost their home to a fire this month, Nas used his influence and began a campaign to raise money to help the Washington D.C. family get back on their feet. Contrary to his nickname, Nasty Nas scored some bonus points with the man upstairs by raising a whopping $64,962. The power of crowdfunding never ceases to amaze.

Sammy Hagar helps local food banks

Inspired by his difficult childhood, Hagar sets out to help food banks by donating money to local communities on stops along his tour. The Van Halen rocker also gave away tickets to 10,000 lawn area seats for his upcoming show in St. Louis, as long as fans donated to a selection of charities in the area. Well done, Sammy.

Neko Case makes PSA to save shelter animals

Every time her PSA video gets posted, Neko Case will donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society to prevent the killing and retaining of animals in shelters. Sharing the video on social media (that’s where you come in) counts for a donation as well. It’s a pretty ingenious campaign and I hope it catches on, although I can’t help but wonder if Neko’s also plugging her new album by way of cute animals. You be the judge.

Article by Nicolas White

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