The EGOT: Winners & Contenders Infographic

Whether you’re legendary composer John Williams winning your 5th Oscar for ‘Schindler’s List’ or Lin-Manuel Miranda awaiting a likely Tony Award run for the most celebrated Musical of the year Hamilton, winning a major award is a big deal!  In the eyes of most, The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards are seen as the major accomplishments in their respective industries; Music, Television, Film & Theatre.  Although the actual “achievement” involved is somewhat arbitrary, to have won at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony is seen as the ultimate triumph in the annals of showbiz and pop culture.

The honor has become known by its acronym, THE EGOT.  The notoriety and awareness of the EGOT has increased exponentially in the past few years, thanks to pop culture references like Tracy Morgan’s character on the hit TV satire 30 Rock Tracy Jordan spending nearly an entire season of the show devoting his career to gain the vaunted distinction.


Regardless of that levity, becoming a member of the highly exclusive club is a BIG DEAL.  Only 12 hold the honor, with 70 individuals being 3/4 of the way there (43 of them are living). But recently the hype surrounding the EGOT has increased exponentially.  In addition to Helen Mirren’s first Tony, both Frances McDormand and Audra McDonald won Emmys this year, adding them to the EGOT contender list.  Most recently Lin-Manuel Miranda teased the idea of his potential EGOT, in a recent performance at The Bet Hip Hop Awards.

We dug deeper, not just looking at members of the EGOT club, but more so looking at the history of all the living members of the contender club. What groupings have the most wins/nominations, which contenders are most likely to complete the feat (Lilly Tomlin is currently a 15/1 underdog to win an oscar next year, she’s in the running though!), and many other interesting concepts. Check out the infographic below, and please let us know what you think via the Rukkus Twitter & Facebook.

Update: A new contender for EGOT has entered the race, a very serious one…CHER! The Emmy, Grammy & Oscar winner recently Tweeted and thus confirmed her much rumored Musical.

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