The Entrance Band Gets Psychedelic at The Roxy Theatre in LA

the entrance band concert review

The Entrance Band Concert Review

The Entrance Band is from another time and another place. I went to see them this past Saturday at the Roxy in Los Angeles, and the show left me feeling like I had been transported back to the good old days when The Beatles dominated music and everyone was all “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” The Entrance Band (our former Artist to Watch) is a wonderful remnant of the psychedelic rock that overpowered the music world in the 1960s, and their live shows are a must for just about any music fan.

The Entrance Band at The Roxy Theatre

This show was my very first time at The Roxy Theatre, one of L.A.’s signature venues. I had grown up hearing all about the unforgettable acts that graced its stage over the years, and I’m glad my first time there was seeing The Entrance Band. The venue is probably one of the smallest I’ve been to in Los Angeles, but it’s great for unifying the crowd with the band and making for an intimate, personal feel.

La Luz, an all-girl band hailing from Seattle, opened the night. They also had a strong nostalgic sound, with a bit of a surf-jam flair due to twangy guitar riffs and varying vocal tones (similar to The Entrance Band). The main stars of the night – Guy Blakeslee, Paz Lenchantin, and Derek James of TEB – kept the atmosphere very down-to-earth and calm. Actually, they were by the bar and in the crowd during La Luz’s performance to show their support and adoration for the band, an occurrence that doesn’t happen too often with big name bands.

All three of The Entrance Band’s members are extremely talented in their own right. I have been a fan of Paz since her days with A Perfect Circle, but Guy Blakeslee, the main man spearheading this project, is an innovator. Their music does sound very vintage, mixing psychedelic rock with riffs straight out of the surf scene, but it’s not tired or similar to any other band. In fact, The Entrance Band sounds incredibly unique, and while many strive to achieve their sound, they take it to a whole new level with their live shows. This specific show came as a refreshing break for both fans and bandmates, as Paz has been and will continue on tour as bassist for Pixies for the next few months.

Overall, the music was great and the musicianship was even better. Guy was playing frequent hammer-ons with his guitar, making for a vivid, pulsating sonic vortex and confusing some concertgoers (my friend was shocked that you could play guitar for that long “without strumming”). As ever, Paz was amazing on bass (with her signature flower pinned to her head), and Derek’s drumming was no less than mesmerizing. My favorite song of the night was “Medicine,” because like most of their songs, it comes off as lighthearted and upbeat, but proves much darker upon further listening. Although their sound is very unique and nearly impossible to replicate, they would appeal to everyone.

The Entrance Band is an awesome live act. Their shows are intimate, artsy, and fun without all of the clatter of high-maintenance rock shows. The Entrance Band has undoubtedly entered a special place in my heart.

Article by Pauline Pechakjian

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