Concert Review: The Glitch Mob Bathe in the Bright Lights of the Electric Factory

It’s no doubt that in the past few years, electronic dance music has taken over. With the success of artists like Daft Punk, deadmau5, and Skrillex, you can’t seem to go anywhere without catching one of these acts at a festival, or listening to a remix of a current hit single. Even on the smaller side, it seems every local club is hosting some sort of DJ event on the weekends (Portlandia sketch, anyone?).

The Glitch Mob at the Electric Factory in Philly

Another act taking over the EDM scene is The Glitch Mob. Formed in 2006, the group is currently comprised of members Ooah (Josh Mayer), edIT (Edward Ma), and Boreta (Justin Boreta). With the recent release of their second album, Love Death Immortality, The Glitch Mob brought their skills to Philly’s Electric Factory for their “Love Death Immortality World Tour” on Friday Night. The Glitch Mob has progressively turned heads since their 2010 debut album Drink The Sea, and after taking a short hiatus, fans were highly anticipating the night.

The Electric Factory was crammed tight, full of fans wildly excited for the group’s return to the stage; with some even dressed up in interesting costumes – I’m looking at you Storm Trooper and Pikachu. As the stage crew prepped the area, a huge black cloth covered a large piece at center stage. For fans following the group’s Facebook page, we saw a preview of what was underneath, but for the rest, it was a total mystery.

The loud chant of “GLITCH-MOB-GLITCH-MOB” filled the venue, when finally the lights went out and a mirage of glow sticks illuminated the space before the three masked bandits took the stage. As the cloth was removed, fans got a first glimpse of the group’s new display, which looked like something out of the movie Tron. Each member had their own set-up with multiple MIDI controllers and behind them stood a myriad of drums. Each of their set-ups were tilted forward, giving the crowd a full glimpse into their magic.

the glitch mob concert review

Behind the stage, a huge LED display lit-up throughout the night, creating a wide array of visuals and text accompanying the set. The light display was equally impressive; it was dramatic, yet not overly distracting, matching the music perfectly. It was hard deciding whether to watch the visuals or the guys themselves, as each created a truly engulfing experience.

The Glitch Mob tore through songs off Love Death Immortality, including “Mind of a Beast,” “Our Demons,” and “I Need My Memory Back.” While their own work is impressive, their covers of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” from the Tron: Legacy Reconfigured soundtrack and Prodigy’s “Breathe” were just as good (if you haven’t heard these, listen NOW – they are damn good).

glitch mob concert review

The Glitch Mob also dug into some older hits (much to the crowd’s delight) including “Animus Vox” and “We Can Make the World Stop.” The set list was a perfect blend of old and new, and fans were fully immersed. From beginning to end, their performance was seamless – the dubstep, hip-hop, and synth-heavy beats transitioned perfectly from song to song, and made it virtually impossible not to head-bang along.

Throughout the set, the guys constantly exchanged words and smiles with each other, all while throwing their hands up. As a fan, it was striking to witness their stage presence–even baffling at times, considering they could still focus on creating the infectious beats for the crowd at the same time. Their energy was unmatched, and each member constantly switched from their controllers to their drum sets, adding a whole new dimension to the tracks. As much as the crowd was into their performance, The Glitch Mob seemed equally enthused.

the glitch mob concert review

Friday night brought an impressive vibe to the packed Philly venue. Fans were truly engulfed in the night – dancing, laughing, and appearing to have the time of their lives. Simply listening to The Glitch Mob’s music does not equate to their live show; their dynamic performance takes it to a whole other level. It’s no wonder these guys are taking the EDM scene by storm. I left the venue smiling from end to end; I went in thinking it would be good, but I left saying, “that was one hell of a show.”

The Glitch Mob will continue their world tour over the next few months, also making appearances at New York’s Governor’s Ball, Coachella, and Bonnaroo, just to name a few. Be sure to check their live show – it’s not something to miss.

the glitch mob
Article by Erika Reinsel

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