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Rukkus Launches Innovative New Rihanna App

New York, NY – November 14th, 2013 –, the revolutionary new live entertainment search engine, has just released a brand new iPhone app completely dedicated to the pop star, Rihanna. The app gives fans an all-in-one experience for everything related to Rihanna and paves the way for niche-based music technology.

Now, with the new Rihanna App, fans can browse all of her social media posts in one place, listen to her music library, and access concert tickets to all of her shows, anywhere in the world; the Rukkus ticket scoring engine pinpoints the best deals.

Instead of using countless services, the app provides a new fan experience that’s sure to become the norm in a culture that demands services to be directly tailored to their needs. What’s more, the app is completely free of charge and it’s available to download at the Apple App Store. Download the Rihanna iPhone App.

Rukkus is bringing the app to market in conjunction with some of the top Rihanna fan sites from around the world. Partners on this project include Rihanna Diva, RihannaNavyEU, RihannaisSexCie, Rihanna The Absolute Best, Rihanna France, and RihannaDailyUK. “We just wanted to give loyal Rihanna fans the mobile experience they deserve,” said Manick Bhan, CEO and founder of Rukkus. “It’s the only place where the Rihanna Navy can find virtually everything they need to follow Rihanna: music, tickets to her shows, and all of her social media.” is a tech startup based in New York City that’s starting to create waves in the entertainment industry. It’s the first live entertainment search engine and it offers a completely unique fan experience where “innovation” is the mantra. Rukkus is sure to be a name you’ll be hearing more of, as they continue their meteoric rise.


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