The Surprise Album Release Infographic

Miley Cyrus is back. Following her pretty unanimously panned performance as host of the 2015 MTV VMA’s, the daughter of Billy Ray took to the stage to perform an elaborate rendition of her new song “Dooo It!” serving as the closeout performance of the night. As the broadcast went off air Miley had one last parting comment, she let the world know that her new album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz was now available online.

Although Miley’s surprise release approach is unique in some ways, it’s obviously not the first time this type of thing has happened. Most credit Beyoncé and her self titled 2013 album as the first real instance of the no release date model; in fact her move was so influential, it’s not uncommon for people to now refer to the strategy as “pulling a Beyoncé.” Since Queen B’s major and very well received move, many other artists have used the same or a similar strategy in order to add to (or even sometimes purposefully reduce the hype) around the release of their latest piece of work. But not every example can be pointed to as such an overwhelming success the way Beyoncé’s can. Drawing an overall generalization based on strictly the (limited and context/detail lacking) numbers available would be foolhardy.

We felt the best way to truly understand the impact of using the surprise album model, was to visually map out all the most relevant examples. As far as criteria, we highlighted albums that weren’t just suddenly announced and available shortly after (like J.Cole’s 2014 Forrest Hills Drive) or other albums that nixed their previously announced dates for a sooner release (like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly) but ones that dropped with NO official warning. Also in analyzing Miley’s recent release, some very interesting stat were unearthed. Take a look at our Surprise Album Release infographic and let us know what you think via The Rukkus Twitter & Facebook pages!

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