TMZ & The Impact of Relationships On Popularity (Infographic)

TMZ is more than just a website that reports celebrity gossip. Their coverage has become a one of the largest and most ever present driving forces of the current culture we live in. Their influence expands far beyond the nearly 17 million unique visitors averages each month. If someone very famous does anything, regardless how insignificant, or if an insignificantly famous person does anything very significant, TMZ is there, and they are there FIRST. What’s easy to forget, but impossible to ignore is how TMZ breaks stories that end up becoming THE topic of the public zeitgeist; reaching the masses and in the process some of the highest and most respected outlets and institutions that exist. This dynamic – being a non discriminant reporter of any and everything, while still moving the needle on topics deemed more important and influential makes TMZ possibly the best indicator of fame and relevance, period.

What’s never really been done, and the reason we embarked on this highly data driven, tedious, but eye opening experiment, is to use TMZ as a lens by which to analyze how certain dynamics affect the most relevant figures in pop culture. Numbers don’t lie; the overall standard we used is the amount & frequency of posts centering on, or mentioning a person. Good publicity, bad publicity, it’s all the same in a zero sum game, and thus the more talked about a celebrity is the more famous/popular they are.

So with that in mind we dug in to some general concepts as well as tackling some more infamous specific case studies. How much impact does two celebrities linking up have, who benefits more? Is separation/divorce a positive from a popularity perspective?

How has the current version of the not so great american loves story, Chris Brown & Rhianna (o yea Karruche too..) affected their individual careers?

What significant event in the story of Caitlyn Jenner had the biggest impact on her coverage?

Do these concepts translate in the sports realm?

The infographic below deals mainly with TMZ & the impact of relationships on popularity, as well as other dynamics and many other questions you probably never realized you had. The majority of the charts show data in relation to the average number or posts per month or year, we found this figure by dividing the total number of posts in a given period by the amount of time in that period and then put in the format of months or years.

Example: In the 327 days (9/10 of a year) in between the notorious Chris Brown/Rihanna incident and when RiRi started dating Matt Kemp, there were 215 articles written about her, and average of 238.89 posts per year.

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