The Top 10 Songs of May 2014

Your warm weather playlist has arrived. Check out our picks for the best songs of the past month—a healthy mix of bangers and rockers that will sound just right at a house party this weekend… or, you know, as you fold your laundry alone. Listen after the jump.

Top Songs of May 2014

1. “Instant Disassembly” – Parquet Courts

Let’s start on a mellow note—the laid-back drawl of Parquet Courts’ “Instant Disassembly” will blend nicely with the sunny haze of a Saturday with nothing to do. On their latest record, the NY-based punks show some maturity, yet this track retains the feeling that things are about to burst at any moment.

2. “0 to 100 / The Catch Up” – Drake

Maybe it was released on the first day of June, maybe it wasn’t; the world may never know. The important thing is that this track is dope (that beat, though!). Drake (again) silences the jeers and accusations of “softness” with a powerful James Blake assisted romp. Turn this one up. 

3. “I Wanna Get Better (RAC Mix)” – Bleachers

RAC have a knack for remixing pop songs. Some remixers add too many new elements, making songs unrecognizable, but RAC nudge songs in the right direction, as on this Bleachers track “I Wanna Get Better.” This one has summer anthem written all over it.

4. “Down On My Luck” – Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa shows his impressive versatility on this deep house influenced cut. It sounds like Disclosure and rap rolled into one. Party on.

5. “The Righteous One” – The Orwells

The Orwells sound tighter than ever on “The Righteous One,” a song that shows a band ready to take the next step. This one is grungy in all the right ways.

6. “Rattle & Rollin'” – Tweens

Check out the waveform on this song; it’s just one big rectangle of noise. That should give you an idea of Tweens’ punky sound, which includes all the fuzzy guitars and tin-can vocals one could ever ask for.

7. “Just One Drink” – Jack White

I hadn’t heard of Jack White until yesterday, but this song’s pretty good. He kind of sounds like The Black Keys.

8. “I Own It” – Nacey ft. Angel Haze

Some more house inspired rap for you (I sense a new trend). This song is club-ready… or again, folding-laundry-alone-and-dancing-ready.

9. “Your Love Is Killing Me” – Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten sounds bigger on her new album than on her past work of sparse acoustic and piano work. “Your Love Is Killing Me” displays a talented songwriter coming into her own.

10. “Time” – Jungle

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Jungle. These guys have a debut album on XL Recordings coming out July 14th. XL doesn’t release bad music. Remember to give us a high-five when they make it big.

Article by Nicolas White

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