Top 10 Songs You Must Hear Live

There’s always a moment at concerts, after all the pleading from the crowd, when the artist finally gives in and plays that song. Whether it’s the one that ascended them to mainstream success, or it simply sends chills down your spine, as soon as those first chords ring out the crowd is immediately put into a frenzy. It’s the song that always leads to sing-a-longs, or sends people rushing to the front to get as close to the action as possible (concert etiquette note: don’t be one of those people).

Regardless of how you react, that “must hear” live song always replays in your head on the drive home, and cements itself in those sepia-toned memories you’ll remember for years to come. In honor of those legendary concert moments, we’ve compiled a list of songs from currently touring artists that you simply must go out and hear live. Get yourself to a show and make some memories.

1. Pearl Jam – “Yellow Ledbetter

–A classic from Pearl Jam’s deep catalog that’s sure to get fans singing along, or at least trying to. Even if sometimes we don’t know what Eddie Vedder is saying, we always know what he means.

Pearl Jam - Live

Pearl Jam

2. Kendrick Lamar – “Money Trees

–A looping sample and driving bass—the new formula for “arena” hip-hop. One can’t help but nod with the beat as Kendrick flows over it all with his defiant snarl.

3. Phoenix – “1901

–“1901” sent Phoenix into the stratosphere, so once it’s signature synths kick in, it’ll be difficult not to join them up there.

4. Foo Fighters – “All My Life

–Foo Fighters lead guitarist, Chris Shiflett, sums it up perfectly in the documentary ‘Back and Forth’, “To this day, All My Life is by far my favorite song to play live. Every night, good or bad show, it doesn’t matter, when we get to that part of the set, it always goes bananas.”

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters, Photo Credit: Ken Burns

5. Drake – “The Motto

–This whole “YOLO” craze might have gotten a little overblown, but when that phrase comes straight from the source, you can’t help but follow Drake’s lead.

6. Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moments

–This promising British up-and-comer has a voice you won’t soon forget after hearing it’s raw power live. Adele, who?

7. Atoms For Peace – “Default”

–Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame delves fully into the world of electronica on this cut, a song that packs so much punch, you’ll still feel the bass (courtesy of Flea) in your chest the next day.

8. Mayer Hawthorne – “The Walk

–Effortlessly mixing ‘60’s grooves with a modern edge, Mayer Hawthorne is a “must see” in concert. You’ll be humming this song in the shower for days afterwards.

Mayer Hawthorne Live

Mayer Hawthorne, Photo Credit: Michael DiGiovanni

9. The Lumineers – “Ho Hey

–This ubiquitous song is truly best heard in a live atmosphere, where no one can judge your singing voice as you belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs…because chances are, they’ll be doing the same thing.

10. Queens of the Stone Age – “No One Knows

–If there’s a better excuse to mosh, I can’t think of one. Celebrate the return of Queens of the Stone Age with this fan favorite.

Article by Nicolas White

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