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As electronic dance music (EDM) and dubstep have been sweeping the nation in the past few years, it seems that everyone is trying to be a DJ. The fact that EDM and dubstep can be easily made from one’s computer, gives people the idea that making this music is easy. But if you’ve heard amateur dubstep artists, you know how painful it can sound. Luckily, Canadian duo Adventure Club is on the rise.

Adventure Club are a Starting Point in the Fractured World of EDM

adventure club

Christian Srigley and Leighton James formed Adventure Club when they were still in high school originally as a pop-punk band. When the guys decided they wanted to make a transition to the EDM world, they stayed true to their roots by remixing “Daisy” by the popular emo-alternative band Brand New. Even though their “Daisy” remix was released in 2009, the group didn’t really hit the map until 2012, when they released their remix of “Everything To Me” by Lips. The video reached over a million views on UKF Dubstep’s Youtube channel. With this success, Adventure Club expanded their fan base and exposure, as they performed at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012 and at Ultra Music Festival in 2013.

Unlike many emerging dubstep artists, Adventure Club’s popularity grew from remixing songs, rather than focusing on original dubstep mixes. This allows an average electronic music listener to ease into their sound, instead of being bombarded by robotic screeches and harsh drops. It also opens a door for music lovers outside of the EDM community. The duo tends to either remix songs sung by female artists or loop female vocals, giving their songs a consistent and recognizable sound.

Part of the live music experience is interacting with the band or artist as they are on stage. We all know that an active and energetic musician always makes the crowd livelier, which may pose a problem for a couple of DJs who have the stage to themselves and their computers. This isn’t a problem for Adventure Club; they explode with energy while on stage. Sringley and James often leave their post and engage with the crowd much like a lead singer of a band would. The crowd immediately gets pumped, as they began to build up their beats. And when the bass drops, everyone falls into a collective movement, rhythm, and energy. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of EDM and dubstep, you have to admit, your body starts to move when you hear these beats. They maintain a steady melody throughout their songs, so that the audience doesn’t become overwhelmed with the noise and lack of order dubstep can attain.

If you are new to the dubstep and the EDM world, Adventure Club is a starting place. In fact, there’s probably a chance they’ve remixed a song you already know. They are rising to become EDM remix royalty alongside of Deadmau5 and Skrillex. Check out their artist page; the boys are on their U.S. tour now.

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Article by Jess Keller

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