The Top Stories from Coachella Weekend 2

Since 2012, Coachella has become a two-weekend event. Though the lineups are identical each weekend, the performances seldom are. Last weekend featured a ton of high-profile guest appearances and a lackluster performance from a high-profile headlining act. This weekend was a lot of the same… yet, different. 

Coachella 2014 Weekend 2

Arcade Fire trolls the Coachella crowd

Win Butler and company have a penchant for on-stage shenanigans. During their headlining set Sunday night, Arcade Fire nearly started a riot when two men dressed as Daft Punk began playing “Get Lucky.” Daft Punk is constantly the source of festival rumors and have some history with Coachella, so many fans were duped into thinking this was the real deal. As many have pointed out, this duo were not the right physical stature to be Daft Punk. Butler jokingly referred to the duo as “Phat Dunk.”

Pharrell has A LOT of famous friends

Last week, Pharrell stole the show with a set that was packed full of smash-hits and high-profile guest appearances (Nelly, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, etc.). This week, Pharrell continued that trend. The first big appearance came from T.I., who rapped his verse from last summer’s “Blurred Lines.” Busta Rhymes emerged to perform “Pass The Courvoisier, Part II,” Usher joined in for “U Don’t Have To Call,” and Pusha T came out for Clipse’s “Grindin’.”

Pharrell saved the biggest name for last though, as Jay Z emerged for a four-song appearance that included “Frontin’,” “Excuse Me Miss,” “La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss, Again),” and “I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me).”

Pharell with Jay Z:

Pharrell with Pusha T: 

Nas gets help from Lauryn Hill

Nas is at Coachella in support of his Illmatic 20th Anniversary tour. Last week, he performed the album in its entirety, with some help from one-time foe, Jay Z. This week, Nas performed the entire album with an appearance from a friendlier face, Ms. Lauryn Hill, who has been a frequent Nas collaborator, including live performances in the past. This weekend, the former Fugee performed “Ready Or Not” and “If I Ruled the World.”

Kid Cudi has guests, too

The lonely stoner did his best to keep up with Pharrell. During his Saturday night set, Kid Cudi brought the HAIM sisters on stage to perform the Indicud track, “Red Eye.” Later on, Cudi was joined by MGMT for his hit song, “Pursuit of Happiness.” In an effort to return the favor, Cudi was seen dancing on stage during MGMT’s own set.

Kid Cudi with Haim:

Kid Cudi with MGMT:

Redemption for Outkast

After a wildly disappointing headlining set last weekend, Outkast seemed to get it together this weekend. Last week, fans complained that the duo’s set included extended solo sections that really seemed to kill any chemistry between Big Boi and Andre 3000, and many people noticed that Andre 3000 seemed pretty disinterested in the performance.

The set was punctuated by an awkward curfew cut-off as Outkast tried to bring Killer Mike on stage for “The Whole World.” This week, the ATLiens revamped their entire set, which resulted in a more engaged Andre 3000 and a punctual ending. This bodes well for the other 39 festivals that will host Outkast this summer.

Chance the Rapper falls ill

Unfortunately, Chicago emcee Chance the Rapper was forced to cancel his performance Sunday due to illness. It is not immediately clear what is ailing the young rapper, but he was hospitalized Friday evening according to a statement from his management. Doctors expect Chance to make a full recovery.

Article by Jason Schellhardt

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