The 7 Best Bands We Saw at EdgeFest 24

Edgefest 24 took place April 26th at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX – outside of Dallas. The stadium, usually used by the local soccer team, was home to the all-day alternative music festival known as Edgefest, namesake of 102.1 the Edge radio station. Plastic covered the field to protect it from thousands of festival attendees, mostly in their teens and twenties. Two stages, a main stage and a second stage, made for a nonstop musical relay race – one band leading into another – that lasted for nine hours. Here are the best acts we saw…

The Best Performances at Edgefest 24 in Texas



Photo Credit: Richard Johnson

MS MR was the second band to perform Saturday. Lead singer Lizzy Plapinger was stunning with a sheer black outfit, gold jewelry, and pink hair. Before “Think of You”, Max Hershenow told the audience that the song is about looking back on a really bad relationship. Judging by the loud response from the crowd, many people related. “Hurricane,” and a great cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know?” were also high points of their set. They are a very interesting band with darkly beautiful songs, who would appeal to fans of Lorde.

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood were also a favorite with the girls in the audience, who were waving their arms and shrieking. The very Californian alternative band played the moody singles “Sweater Weather” and “Afraid.” At the end of The Neighborhood’s set, lead singer Jesse Rutherford crowd surfed half way across the field to a tent saying, “we made it.”


Grouplove brought great energy to the stage. Lead singer Christian Zucconi’s blue hair was tousled by the wind as singer Hannah Hooper danced (despite the heat) in a skin tight full body suit with a peacock feather print. They got the audience dancing too, with uptempo tunes like, “Ways To Go,” “Tounge Tied,” and “Colours.”


Bastille came out with slightly less energy but a solid set. They seemed comfortable as a band onstage. Mid-set, Dan Smith made an exhausting jog through the stadium and around the top deck, which produced a flurry of cell phone snaps. Bastille played their popular hits “Bad Blood,” and “Pompeii.” They seem likely to keep gaining fans and continue making hits.

The Avett Brothers

avett brothers edgefest

The Avett Brothers from North Carolina were the most surprising band of the day. The band seemed like the product of bringing moonshine and a fiddle to a metal show. On stage, they upended any notion of being a simple folk band, playing like their lives depended on rocking the audience. Joe Kwon may be the only person known to head bang while playing the cello and carrying it around the stage. The Avett Brothers are set to prove themselves as rock stars and win over fans. They closed out their raucous set with the soft, “I and Love and You.”

Cage The Elephant

cage the elephant edgefest

Kentucky band Cage The Elephant were the second to last band to play Edgefest. “Best Showmanship from a Lead Singer” may go to Mathew Shultz, who was throwing himself around the stage. The band played music reminiscent of garage rock with songs like “Shake Me Down” and “Come a Little Closer.”



Of course the headliner, the one everyone was waiting for, was Beck. He knew to pull the audience in from the start with throwback hits “Devil’s Haircut” and “Loser.” Beck isn’t usually thought of as a typical “rock star,” but he clearly knows how to give a great show complete with funky dance moves. He did a great cover of “Billie Jean,” which is not an easy thing to do. His songs “Lost Cause” and “Blue Moon” showed off his depth as a song writer and musician.

At the end of Edgefest, young fans left the stadium with some bad sunburns and new favorite bands. The occasional drunken middle-agers were sure to wake up the next day thinking they went to the best Jimmy Buffet concert ever.

Article by Kate McCrory

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