UFC Fight Night 71 Recap of Main Card

Main Event: Frank Mir def. Todd Duffee by KO 1:13 Round 1

Frank Mir is going to be in the UFC Hall-of-Fame one day, that is obvious. What wasn’t so obvious was the way in which he dismantled the younger, quicker, and favored Todd Duffee last night at UFC Fight Night 71. At the weigh-in prior to the event, Mir seemed confident, he seemed ready to go, ready to prove everyone wrong. Mir weighed in at a staggering 262 compared to Duffee’s 241. Those 20 pounds sure seemed to be the difference maker.

Coming off of a huge win against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Mir has been ready to continue proving people wrong. Both fighters came out swinging from the start, something that Duffee is known for. Mir, a submission master, came back firing as well and ended up landing a clean, hard left hook to the chin of Duffee sending him straight to the mat at just the 1:13 mark of the 1st round.

After last night its hard to see people doubting Mir anymore. No matter his age, he’s proving the doubters wrong. He now sits in second all-time in the UFC for most finishes, trailing only the legendary Anderson Silva who has just one more than Mir. On top of that accolade, Mir still holds the title of most wins in the Heavyweight division of the UFC with a staggering 16.


Tony Ferguson def. Josh Thomson by Unanimous Decision

This was a classic match of a seasoned veteran against an up and coming fighter who is ready to take the next step in his UFC career. Josh Thomson has been in the top 10 rankings for the lightweight division, arguably the hardest division to breakthrough in, for the better part of the last 10 years. Tony Ferguson, with his odd and often hard to read movements and fighting style, was ready to break through into the top 10.

Ferguson came out with his usual, unorthodox style of fighting that makes it hard for his opponent to read and predict his strikes. Whether it was his high kicks or his roll outs of the clench, Ferguson kept Thomson guessing for sure. This fight was highlight but the numerous elbows that Ferguson kept throwing at Thomson, eventually opening up a couple of huge gashes on Thomson’s head causing him to bleed feverishly.

The fight went the distance but what was most impressive was that Thomson was able to fight his whole way through the match. By the end, both fighters were covered in blood (mostly that of Thomson) and Ferguson was the clear winner. Thomson, the veteran that he is, showed his respect for the fight and clapped it up for Ferguson as the results were announced. It was obvious who had won, but it was even more obvious that Thomson’s grit and tenacity would not go unnoticed.


Holly Holm def. Marion Reneau by Unanimous Decision

Holly Holm, the 5’8″ 135 pound monster controlled this fight the entire way. Whether she was throwing her long legs at Marion or taking it to the ground, Reneau had absolutely no chance. The “Preacher’s Daughter” as Holm is known, was a heavy favorite for this fight and through the fight it was obvious why that was the case.

After this showing, it won’t be surprising to see Holm get a shot at someone like Ronda Rousey, depending on how her fight goes at UFC 190 against the Brazlian pitbull, Bethe Correia. Depending on that fight, Holly Holm could have the next shot at Rousey and if that does not happen, continue to look for Holm in the future of this sport because she is truly one to look out for in the UFC.


Manny Gamburyan def. Scott Jorgensen by Unanimous Decision

Before this fight started, it looked like Jorgensen would control the fight with his quick feet and hands, but in the end it was Gamburyan’s ability to land the bigger hits that highlighted this fight. Jorgensen had a terrible first round that saw him barely move his feet and take on a lot of punches from Gamburyan.

As the fight went on, Jorgensen looked like he began to actually listen to his coach and keep Gamburyan guessing by using his agility and elusiveness to go for quick jabs and make Gamburyan work for his punches. Jorgensen could have had this fight had he just been able to land a proper take down on Gamburyan, but Gamburyan’s strength was just too much for Jorgensen to handle.


Kevin Lee def. James Moontasri by Submission 2:56 Round 1

Kevin Lee called himself “America’s worst nightmare” before this fight even started. He showed the country what he meant by submitting Moontasri with a rear-naked choke before the end of the first round. After a strange double eye-poke, Lee was able to control Moontasri with a nice takedown that led him into position to execute the rear-naked choke effortlessly.

With this win, Lee has four straight wins in the division and is surely looking for a top-10 guy to face next. Look forward to Lee to really make a name for himself in the coming months with a bigger name opponent and possible a shot at breaking into the top-10 for the division.


Alan Jouban def. Matt Dwyer by Unanimous Decision

This was surely the most exciting fight of the night, besides the main event, as it saw two up and coming welterweights really throw everything they had. Whether it was Jouban’s unorthodox cartwheel kick that landed right to the face of Dwyer, or both of their constant swinging of hooks, this fight had excitement all the way through.

In the end, it was Jouban who came out on top as his hand was raised to a unanimous decision from the scorers table. That gives Jouban two straight victories and advances to 3-1 in his UFC career. Be sure to look out for Jouban in his next UFC fight as he looks to improve on his already impressive 12-3 professional record and get a chance for a big time fight and his opportunity to truly get into the limelight.




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