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The Vancouver Canucks tallied 48 regular season wins and surpassed the 100 point total in 2014. Their record landed them the fifth seed in a tough western conference. Their playoff push was cut short as they fell in the first round to the Calgary Flames in 6 games. The Canucks schedule opens up with a harsh reminder of last year as their first two games both come against the Flames. This could go either way as it could be a good motivator right out of the gates, or it could place doubt in the minds of the Canucks if they start out 0-2 against Calgary. If they want to win back some redemption against the Flames, the Canucks must provide more resistance on defense. The first round playoff series was closed out with a 7 goal game from Calgary. That type of defensive effort will not cut it against the Flames or any other western conference contender for that matter.

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After the two opening games against the Flames, the Vancouver Canucks schedule goes right into a game against the one seeded Ducks. Anaheim would have been their second round opponent in the playoffs a year ago and this will give them a chance to see how they may have stacked up. Vancouver finishes up the first month of the season with a five game home stand against some of the top competition from the eastern conference. The Canucks schedule turns out to be brutal in the month of November. Vancouver will spend nearly the entire month of November on the road as they have a span with 11 of 13 games on the road. It is one of if not the longest road trips any team in the NHL has all season. Luckily for Vancouver, they were a pretty even home or road team in 2014.
The Vancouver Canucks schedule is unusual as they have two more six game road trips later in the season. Their schedule has many violent swings of road trips and home stands. The good news is that they finish the season with about a 50/50 split. Navigating through those long road trips will be the biggest challenge of the Canucks season. They must play well and bring energy on the road trips or they will have a very challenging time putting up the win total they had a year ago. Vancouver is a talented hockey team that will likely be fighting for a playoff spot once again, but their schedule does them no favors in 2015-2016. They will have a tough time and may drop down to 6-8 range when it comes to playoff seeding. The only good news is that they finish the season against some of their easier competition.
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