Watch: Warpaint Perform ‘Love is to Die’ on KCRW

The ladies of Warpaint took some time out of their west coast route to stop by L.A.’s KCRW. Shortly before playing one of the most memorable sets of Coachella, the otherworldly rockers played “Love is to Die” off of their latest LP. Watch it for a morning pick-me-up.

Warpaint Play KCRW

Warpaint’s recent self-titled record has proven to be a serious grower, as the dark guitars and rumbling bass blend together into a pretty unique sound in the context of 2014. Sure, they don’t have the pop appeal of the Haim sisters, but this girl group rightfully deserves a little more of our collective attention. Check the performance below and catch one of the band’s last tour dates.

“Love is to Die” 

Article by Nicolas White

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