Preview: We Are Explosive 3D in NYC Lineup and Details

In true Independence Day fashion, We Are Explosive 3D is preparing a feast for the senses headlined by the skilled producers Sultan & Ned Shepard. The event takes place at the sprawling Stage 48 in NYC, showcasing the beautiful excess of American patriotism with a 3D visual experience to boot. In light of recent EDM fest-related tragedies, though, the show also offers the unique opportunity to relax. Keep reading for details.

We Are Explosive 3D

We Are Explosive 3D takes place on July 3rd (just in time for Independence Day partying) and offers a slew of performers playing a range of electronic styles. Attendees will no doubt be tempted to wander around the massive indoor space and the rooftop Sky-Lounge.

Uniquely, though, amid all the “turning up,” the event offers the ability for ravers to relax and stop at a massage table, or refuel with Detox Water. Here’s what the sponsors had to say in an official statement:

“It’s an unfortunate reality that accidents happen in today’s world. Festival related incidents cast a dark cloud across what are supposed to be a positive and extraordinary musical experiences. While such tragic occurrences are still very rare in nature, we here at Electric Candy Land Events, Epic Entertainment and Area Event are constantly looking for ways to support and promote partying safe…”

“…Dancing for hours on end at your favorite EDM shows and festivals is a quick way to become dangerously de-hydrated. Proper hydration is vital to maintaining your energy and wits as you move and groove.

In other words, if you “turn down” for a bit, you hopefully won’t be heading to the local hospital, a trend that’s putting a major buzzkill on the EDM movement. Even Lil’ John can get behind that.

We Are Explosive 3D sounds like it’s going to be a banger; grab tickets and get more info at the official website.


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