What Can We Expect from The Mets?

Going into the trade deadline, the New York Mets will be buying this year. They enter Wednesday, two days before the deadline in second place in the National League East Division, only 1.0 game out of first and 2.0 down in the loss column.

There is something special about postseasons when the Mets are involved. Mets fans don’t get to enjoy September very often, let alone October. When they finally get a little of the limelight in America’s most baseball crazed city away from the New York Yankees, it gets a bit crazy.

The team also seems to always do something special in the postseason too. There was Ron Swoboda and Al Weiss coming up huge in 1969, Bud Harrelson duking it out with Pete Rose in 1973, the crazy 1986 postseason which saw them clinch the NL pennant in a 16 inning marathon and then we all know about Game Six. There was the Robin Ventura walk-off grand slam single, the Todd Pratt series ending walk-off, the Clemens vs Piazza thing and who can forget the Endy Chavez play? They don’t call this team “The Amazins” for nothing.

They have already made a couple of moves to try and win this season. They got Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson from the Atlanta Braves and Tyler Clippard from the Oakland A’s. Uribe has already delivered a walk-off hit when he beat the Los Angeles Dodgers with one last Sunday. There is also some hope that they might get David Wright back in time for the stretch run. That would be a huge addition to the batting order.

The Mets are good on the mound. It’s at the plate they have struggled. If Wright can get back and get them some big hits in September, they could win this thing. With his bat in the lineup all season, the Mets are probably well out in front right now.

Obviously every series is huge from here on out. Let’s look at the August New York Mets schedule and see what series we should circle on the calendar as ones not to be missed.

The Washington Nationals come in this weekend for a huge three game series. First place will likely be on the line in this one.  The Mets will be at the Tampa Bay Rays for three game the following weekend. The Pittsburgh Pirates come to Citi Field the weekend after that one for three. The Boston Red Sox come to town the last weekend of the month. Maybe Mookie Wilson will throw out the first pitch at one of the games.

In September the New York Mets schedule will have the Nats back in for three on the 7th through the 9th and a colossal series against the Yankees at home the 18th through the 20th. That should be a lot of fun. Scalpers will be turning a profit then.

The final three game series of the season is at home against Washington, October 2-4. So we already know the Mets will be playing a huge home series in October whether they get to the payoffs or not.

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Right now, with Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Bartolo Colon along with Jon Niese, the Mets have a five man rotation capable of shutting any team’s offense down on any day. The questions are whether the bullpen can save games and whether the offense can come through. If you look back on the April through July New York Mets schedule you see Mets have lost 1-0 four times (including two to the Nats at home on back to back days) 2-1 three times (once to the Nats) and 2-0 twice. That’s nine losses in games when allowing two or fewer runs. Ouch!

Imagine if they had four of those games back in the win column, which probably takes only one more good swing of the bat (David Wright?). They would be in first place right now with a three game lead.

But, the Mets are in the race going into August this year. That does not happen all that often so Mets fans are not complaining about spilled milk right now. That will come later if they fall short of the postseason. What Mets fans are hot about right now is they let the Blue Jays get Troy Tulowitzki from Colorado. Mets fans were hoping to see Tolu in the blue and orange for the stretch run.

Maybe they should ask the Rockies about Jose Reyes?

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